Branagh Theatre Live: Romeo and Juliet Synopsis
Fathom Events, Picturehouse Entertainment and Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company bring a modern take of Romeo and Juliet, presented in black and white, starring Richard Madden, Lily James, and Derek Jacobi, to select cinemas nationwide.

Movie Reviews

Superb Production!

By yanksnumber1
We travelled two hours to see this live broadcast and it was well worth our time and money. Lily James was fabulous, as she tends to be in every single project she is in. A remarkable young actress...

A Cinematic Masterpiece!

By evilnightair
My goodness! Where do I start? In the words of Kenneth Branagh, “This is live theatre!” I agree! Now, Romeo and Juliet isn’t one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. I find it to be generally clichéd....

Romeo and Juliet

By konakeni
A thoroughly mesmerizing production. The modern staging with homage to film noir, Fellini, set in Verona during the 1950's, was brilliant, It's challenging to to make the well-worn words of the...

Romeo and Juliet

By naftala2006
Excellent. I wish I could go see it again. An incredible performance and a refreshing take on the play....

Bravo Branagh & Company!

By CAK73201660
Extraordinary! We're grateful to have had the opportunity to see Mr. Branagh's truly great production, live, from the Garrick Theatre, 'across the pond.' The conception of this show was brilliant...

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - Branagh Style

By rubenesqueme
Amazing being able to see a live stage performance on a big screen. Almost like being there in person. Except for the low volume. There were several seniors in the theatre that left because they...

Best Romeo & Juliet ever

By mdctmika
Honestly the best depiction of Romeo & Juliet I've ever seen (I have watched quite a few)!!!! The modern take worked beautifully in the language's favor. The direction was brilliant and genius, and...

Romeo & Juliet

By dickminard
Great performance by all, a very enjoyable evening....

Wonderfully done

By jaileenlopez88
I loved the film, it was beautifully done. The production was done with the cast of Cinderella which was amazing. My whole family loved the film. It was breathtaking, magnificent, and superb....


By pgdancer
It was great! A whole new take on the classic tale. Besides I'm a big Kenneth Branagh fan! So glad I got to see it. I love live cinema of plays....

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Rated PG-13