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Flamboyant Austrian fashionista Brüno takes his show to America.
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BRUNO - VASSUP???!!! Rating: 55 out of 100. (Based on an actual advance press screening)

Recently, I attended the advance press preview of this 88-minute gross shock-fest of a 'movie'. Yes, it took me awhile before I could come to grips with writing this critique/review because I was...


By loveartandfilm
Okay, obviously we have some extremely sensitive people here.... Of COURSE it is offensive, of COURSE SBC takes it too far. That is the beauty of his comedy. He DOES NOT CARE. Borat was fantastic....

Better Than Borat

By dizzlecakes
I went to a press screening for this film a couple weeks ago, and cannot believe it has a "So-So" rating here on Fandango. It was outrageously funny, and not just because of the physical comedy of...

Don't be so dramatic, people.

By ktlivesatregal
Point blank: this movie is hilarious. Never once did I stop laughing. Whether from the sheer stupidity of SBC's actions as the fabulous Bruno or because of the fashionista's infamous jokes,...

Granted, rating movies you haven't seen...

By JoeBobsFineFoods lame. But rating movies you haven't seen as "OH NO!" and telling everyone else you object to it is REALLY lame. Get a life. Or at least a sense of humor....

Christian Bigots.

By the_Dianasaur
The United States was not founded on Christianity but rather freedom of religion and speech. Which leaves room for any interpretation of religion and also the freedom to express yourself in any...

My Opinion

By huktawnfonix17
I just got back from the first midnight showing of Bruno. I don't want to be that guy to bash a movie, but let me tell you, it was completely terrible. And I love movies, I try my best to watch new...

Unfortunately This Film is Not Funny

By JayShaman
It is almost 90 minutes of "in your face" gay anal sex. I used to love Sasha Baron Cohen but I wanted to take a shower after seeing this film. It should be rated NC 17. No responsible parent should...

Bruno ist WUNDERBAR!!

By Ammo720
You've most likely seen Borat, SBC's first outrageous flick... now imagine that only more offensive. Although this film has hilarious scenes with unimaginable acts of homosexuality and real life...

Soo Funny

By taylerchristensen
go to myspace they have the exclusive trailer t loooks so funny better than borat way funnier because it gets at more issues! I LOVE it...

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Rated R | For pervasive strong and crude sexual content, graphic nudity and language
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Common Sense Media says Intentionally shocking comedy even edgier than Borat.
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