Michael More is a mastermind behind educating the American people in a fun and fascinating fashion.

By Dominic LeRose
Written January 12, 2016
Violence is a devastating aspect of our planet. America is one of the countries containing the highest number of gun violence, poverty, and fear professor Michael Moore examines. Never has a documentary been more critical or more entertaining than "Bowling For Columbine. Tackling all the following aspect of the American society such as gun violence, gun usage, violent behavior, how gun violence interferes with poverty, the NRA, the easy access to gun violence, and more. You'll realize how gun-crazy our country is when Moore walks into a bank of all places, only to come out with a shotgun he purchased and not a deposit. I scratched my head too. What's even more alerting is the number of people so loyal to killing machines and see it as a right to own an assault riffle. Moore isn't opposing the second amendment, he's moderating it. And boy do we need moderation. The gun-nuts out there are scary. With a fascinating look as to the purpose behind the tragic Columbine massacre that left nearly twenty teenagers dead, we shrivel as to the unknown reason as to why violence even happens in our country. There are countries who have more guns than us, but hardly .01% of the crime. Moore doesn't feed you sociology textbooks like any liberal teacher, he urges you to think and begs to find a reason. That's the beauty behind this guy, he doesn't give you answers. he gives facts, interviews, and reality. Never has an interview been more tense than when Michael sits down with former NRA leader Charleton Heston and debates over the wackadoo gun popularity. Paced beautifully with some humor that destroys extreme American views, then transforming to a depressed victim of gun violence, "Bowling For Columbine" informs us on where our society is going due to the outrageously tragic amounts of violence that shape our fear and other social issues including poverty. Story after story, fight after fight (including banning bullets from K-Mart), Michael Moore is a genius of documentary filmmaking and teaching.
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