BOWFINGER + Classic Comedy for the Modern Age

By lugubriousthespian
Written March 06, 2009
Steve Martin's riotously funny film BOWFINGER tells the fable of a way-down-on-his-luck film producer/con artist desperately trying to play with the big boys in Hollywood by making a grade Z sci-fi schlock fest by surrepticiously filming an action star in and around his Beverly Hills home. Eddie Murphy marvelously plays dual roles here and reminds us how gifted a comic actor he can be when he has such rich feritle material to work with, as it is here in Martin's alternately slyly satirical and outlandishly comedic screenplay. The comic set pieces are wonderfully integrated into the almost screwball zaniness of the film and a stellar cast of pros including Heather Graham and Christine Baransky add zest to the hilarious proceedings as everyone starts to believe in Martin's seemingly unattainable dream. Robert Downey's guest cameo near the start of the film is priceless as he barely acknowledges the akimbo antics of Martin's director in a posh eatery.Honestly, you may laugh til it hurts!
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Bowfinger review

By Bski
Written September 13, 2011
Very funny movie. I can watch this movie over and over.
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