Bowery Boys

Worked With

Year Name Title
1957 Peter Mamakos Spook Chasers
1957 Robert Shayne Spook Chasers
1957 Ben Welden Spook Chasers
1957 Stanley Clements Spook Chasers
1957 Huntz Hall Spook Chasers
1957 Percy Helton Spook Chasers
1955 Leo Gorcey Bowery to Bagdad
1955 Rayford Barnes Bowery to Bagdad
1955 Eric Blore Bowery to Bagdad
1955 Huntz Hall Bowery to Bagdad
1955 Michael Ross Bowery to Bagdad
1955 Joan Shawlee Bowery to Bagdad
1953 Arthur Space Clipped Wings
1953 Lyle Talbot Clipped Wings
1953 Philip Van Zandt Clipped Wings
1953 Michael Ross Clipped Wings
1953 Leo Gorcey Clipped Wings
1953 Huntz Hall Clipped Wings
1953 Henry Kulky Clipped Wings
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