By Matt Damon Rules
Written June 22, 2008
You have to see it. Just like the first it was extremly awesome. Matt Damon great. One hell of aa action flick.
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Bourne Supremacy

By Legin
Written August 09, 2009
I loved it. Great Job All around
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Bourne Supermacy

By itsafact
Written February 28, 2009
A pretty good movie, but not as good as The Bourne Identity (the movie before this one).
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The Bourne Supremacy

By ironman15
Written June 01, 2009
what to say about this movie? this was such a great movie. loved it. the acting was good. Matt Damon, and Brian Cox again were good in this film. the action was good, but the car scene at the end was fantastic. truly one of the best car chase scenes ever in a movie. one bad thing that i did not like about in this film was it was sorta confusing with the plot. but it picks up when Karl Urban shows up to kill Matt Damon. great movie cant wait to watch the 3rd one. loved it. my grade FULL PRICE ratings Block Buster full price matinee rental piece of sh**
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One blockbuster series

By venky117
Written November 20, 2009
Jason Bourne
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