Bottle Shock is a rare treat. Highly recommended. GRADE: Solid A

Written July 29, 2008
As I was screening this movie, I kept thinking that Chris Pine looked like a young Brad Pitt. This up-and-coming young thespian gave a very good performance in the movie. I can't wait to see him as Captain Kirk in J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek movie (May 8 2009). I had little-to-no expectations going in to screen Bottle Shock - so, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by how good this 106-minute independent movie is. Set in the 70s - a tight script plus a formidable laid-back cast and inspired by true events that changed the wine industry, Bottle Shock possess a leisurely well-paced full body mellow flavorful script and a big taste that lingers very well in our minds after the movie has ended. I love underdog stories - this movie is so uplifting that you will walk away wishing you've tasted all those wine! Bottle Shock is an example why it is unnecessary to have big budget, car-chases, huge explosions, CGI, etc. to jazz up a movie. A big applause to the excellent cast.
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By pbfan
Written July 25, 2008
I saw "Bottle Shock" at the Seattle International Film festival last month and loved it. it's definitely worth checking out if you like character-driven comedies like "Sideways" and "Little Miss Sunshine". It's got a great ensemble cast including Alan Rickman (who steals the movie), Bill Pullman, who gives a memorable performance as an aspiring wine maker, Rachel Taylor (the hot chick from TRANSFORMERS), Freddie Rodriguez, and Eliza Dukshu It's got a lot of heart and I liked it A LOT more than I was expecting to. It's the type of movie that stays with you and when you think about it makes you feel good. Also made me want to go to wine country...going to plan a trip with my girlfriend soon! Glad to see the critics are giving it positive reviews. Give this one a chance!
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Saw It...loved it...better than Sideways

By caflick
Written July 25, 2008
A bunch of blogs on the same day from kids who have not seen the film do not a review make. This films has won festivals, received better than great reviews, and has had audiences standing and cheering and applauding at every screening. If you love a great comedy, beautiful scenery, great actors, a true story about one of the great moments in America's wine history..this is simply a must see. Bottle Shock is Sideways "squared", no, make that "cubed". Cheers.
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Very Enjoyable

By Optimism
Written October 05, 2008
Enjoyed this true-story underdog movie. Nicely acted, especially Bill Pullman and the wine-snob. Informative, upbeat. You'll be glad you went. (' Sure would have liked to taste that Chardonay!)
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Cute movie - not terribly factual - READ THE BOOK

By RhoneFan
Written August 27, 2008
This is dramatization of one aspect of the story toldi n George M. Tabor's terrific book, "The Judgement of Paris" about the famous 1976 blind tasting in Paris when California Chardonnay and Cabernet beat some very fine French wines. It isn't really based on the book, just follows the fortunes of one family (Barrett) the makers of Chateau Montelena. While I'm sure there are many true-to-life elements to the family description and I'll bet there was plenty of boxing and sex happening up there, it's not a very complete telling. See the movie for a nice story, mild drama, good acting, beautiful cinematography and a slice of a very interesting story. Then, if you enjoy wine, read the book, which combines a wonderful history of modern California wine-making and several families important to that history with a really exciting story about how one man's persistence led to a tasting that rocked the wine world.
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