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When his father approaches him for help, BOSS leaves everything aside and makes his family his first priority.?Now BOSS will travel to Delhi to accomplish his mission. His adversaries are powerful people with top connections. But BOSS is a...
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Village Voice

By Simon Abrams
Boss is that rare Bollywood action film whose stars are worthy of the pedestal they're put on.
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The New York Times

By Anita Gates
Boss is billed as an action comedy, but it isn’t always clear what is part of the joke and what isn’t.
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Boss is a film suffering from one fundamental problem, to wit: a lack of commitment to its central purpose.
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The deafening Bollywood action comedy Boss, directed in broad, heavy strokes by Anthony D’Souza (“Blue”), is a relentless hard-sell star...
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Funny movie

By naraddon

entertaining comedy

By romfm
nice fun laughters !!!!!...

By ashnidevi209
gr8t movie...

Expected more from Akshay

By atulbarapid
The movies should be entertaining and time pass. This is an average movie with action at a level of 4 out of 10 and comedy at a level of 2 out of 10....

Awesome movie

By nish006
Very funny. Good punch lines. A must watch....


By mshammi87
very funny and awesome movie...we couldnt stopped laughing since the brgining to the is a muct watch movie....

boss is best

By degasharma
what a movie! "must go" if you are fan of akki...


By Arunbhai
Not good movie but it's not bad movie too...

By kamranza
It was a nice light comedy movie...

By virajg26
Really good movie. Worth watching it.....

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