Inside Out

By Lind B
Written August 28, 2016
The movie was a fantastic production. I truly enjoyed the the entire movie and very muched liked the Q & A session with the band members.
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Great one night event!!

By debcar7
Written December 08, 2016
I really enjoyed BON JOVI INSIDE OUT. I only wish they would have had somebody with more than half a brain interviewing. Had a great time singing and dancing to the music!!!
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Bon Jovi Inside Out

By nyredhead26
Written December 02, 2012
This was the first time I've ever gone to an event like this on the silver screen. My friends and I really enjoyed it; however, we were frustrated with not being informed ahead of time of the number to text to so we ask our questions. Also, we would have like to have had a longer Q&A Session with the boys and with a better interviewer. It was great to hear from the boys and see their performance from 3 other concerts....overall I'd go again I mean it's Bon Jovi!
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Bon Jovi Inside Out

By cjramey66
Written June 28, 2016
This was an awesome experience. The night started out with a Q and A with the band and I saw that these guys have a sense of humor especially Richie Sambora. Then after the Q and A was over they started the movie. This was awesome because they showed the band at three different locations. You totally got the feeling that you were there at a Bon Jovi concert eventhough it was in a theater. This got me totally excited for their up and coming concert in 2013. I can't wait for this to released on DVD or Blu Ray if this happens. Thank You, Christopher Ramey Idaho Falls, Idaho
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By melissaabiers
Written December 03, 2016
38 concerts in 15 years and these boys never let me down. It was a great show/movie. It felt like I was at my 39th concert. I hope they release this on dvd!!!!!! love, Jovigal
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