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Bon Jovi: Inside Out and Awesome

By Denise2021
Written September 19, 2014
The movie about Bon Jovi really rocked it out:) The concert footage from Madison Square Garden, The Meadowlands, and London really made my two friends and me completely pysched for the upcoming new album and the Because We Can 2013 Tour. I plan to rock all these tunes with Bon Jovi in Philly:) As always, the band looks fabulous and plays great! I also really enjoyed the informal interview with the band at the beginning. Thanks for almost 30 years of hard work, immense dedication, talented music and AWESOME memories. I look forward to attending a future concert with my son once he gets a little older.
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Bon Jovi Inside Out

By cjramey66
Written October 22, 2014
This was an awesome experience. The night started out with a Q and A with the band and I saw that these guys have a sense of humor especially Richie Sambora. Then after the Q and A was over they started the movie. This was awesome because they showed the band at three different locations. You totally got the feeling that you were there at a Bon Jovi concert eventhough it was in a theater. This got me totally excited for their up and coming concert in 2013. I can't wait for this to released on DVD or Blu Ray if this happens. Thank You, Christopher Ramey Idaho Falls, Idaho
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Inside Out

By Lind B
Written January 29, 2015
The movie was a fantastic production. I truly enjoyed the the entire movie and very muched liked the Q & A session with the band members.
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Bon Jovi

By blankenshipmelissa36
Written January 26, 2015
I enjoyed this movie very much. I had no idea what to expect but LOVED it! It was nice to have the Q & A with the band live and then the concert footage. It has gotten be ready for the new album and for the new tour. I will be there on April 13 in Kansas City!!
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Bon Jovi Inside Out

By kluthywilson
Written April 19, 2015
I have been a Bon Jovi fan for 28 years and have seen them live many times. I went and saw the film last night......LOVED IT!!!! They really put on a great show! I also enjoyed the live interview. I am looking forward to the DVD, the new album, and last but not least going to see them again in Chicago in July!
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