The Boys Are Back In Town

By slater9301
Written April 25, 2017
Absolutely fan-tastic. It's an amazing Bon Jovi experience. Larger than life, and all Bon Jovi. As close to a concert as you can get without being there. Definitely a fan-favorite. No one can "cha-cha" across the stage like Jon!
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Bon Jovi Inside Out

By jbrady1956
Written March 23, 2017
I am glad Bon Jovi played the music they did. Otherwise it would not have been worth the time. Next time I would suggest some more very intense questions to really give an inside look at 30 years that they band has been together.
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Great Show! Must see for Bon Jovi Fans

By vishna
Written January 19, 2017
The Q&A portion was awesome. The audience was cracking up and really got to see the band having a good time. The concert portion was amazing as always.
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Jovi delivers!!

By simisavant
Written March 23, 2017
It was a nice event, the Q&A at the beginning was cool, the concert was similar to other concert releases they have, but it was a good time! Thanks FATHOM
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Inside Out = Fun Night Out!

By JoanieMT693
Written May 24, 2016
Great way to get ready for the upcoming CD and 2013 tour....especially enjoyed the Live, Q and A, before the actual movie....I went to the movie outng 2 years ago, also, and really enjoyed that experience. To me, the movie experience shows Bon Jovi's appreciation for their fans, with an inexpensive but Live show experence, in the comfort of a movie theater. They consistently try to reach out to us, and keep us engaged, with these simple and "low maintenance" performances, outside of the world-wide tours. I especially liked how Inside Out included concert footage from 3 shows, and how the cinematography incorporated and combined footage during songs, from all 3 shows...very creative, dynamic and interesting to watch. To Bon Jovi: Welcome Back! Looking forward to the new CD and 2013. To Fandango: Thank you for the Inside Out Movie Night Experience! Joan (Twinsburg, OH)
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