“BOLT” -- It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane -- No, it’s a Super DOG! =

By jimchudnow
Written December 21, 2008
This animated Disney film is the story of a dog named BOLT starring in a TV series. He (as voiced by JOHN TRAVOLTA) doesn’t realize that the “super powers” he has on the show are all FAKED & don’t exist. That comes into play when he’s separated from the girl Penny (voiced by MILEY CYRUS) who’s his owner on the TV show & he tries to get back to her. Since he doesn’t really have the super powers he expects, he needs to be helped by various animal companions including pigeons, a cat named Mittens (voiced by SUSIE ESSMAN) who knows he’s just an average dog, and a hamster Rhino (voiced by MARK WALTON) who still thinks his sci-fi TV persona is real. There are numerous clever adventures as the group fights baddies and a threatening accident to reunite Bolt with Penny. I found the Digital 3-D version to be frequently FUNNY & CHARMING, well acted and constructed, and an enjoyable time spent (as was the Pixar short preceding it featuring a tow truck from the “CARS” film having a race in Tokyo).
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By zastrow58
Written November 21, 2008
I took my 5 and 7 year old son and daughter to the sneak preview on Saturday. The kids loved the humor and the action in the movie. I thought it was predictable and uninspired, but I am not who the movie was made for. I would recomend this movie to 10 years and younger, it may be a little lame for older children.
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Bolt - to this movie!!!

By damiendimas
Written November 21, 2008
I took my 5 year old and we loved it. The writing was great b/c the suspense was great throughout. The comedic aspect was well within my daughter's range, as well as mine - without being bawdy or inappropriate. I want to see it again and I'm sure my daughter will be right there with me. I'm actually going to suggest my wife go just so that I can see it again.
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Fully Awesome!

Written November 28, 2008
So, I went into the theater showing Bolt not expecting to like it. The trailers hadn't wowed me at all, I just expected a mildly enjoyable flick that wouldn't really be a movie that I'd want to own. However, after I walked out of that theater, I wanted to see it again. Bolt is about a dog on a TV show who thinks he's really a superdog and that everything is real. However, Bolt escapes and starts to realize he's just a regular dog. He then embarks on a journey across the country to find his owner Penny, and meets some spectacular characters such as Mittens the cat, Rhino the hamster, and a bunch of hilarious pigeons. Bolt is a really good movie and I really enjoyed it. The voicework was good, the animation was spectacular, and it was an all-around good movie. The worst part of the movie, in my opinion, was Miley Cyrus. I just don't like her at all, her voice really didn't make the Penny character likeable at all. My favorite aspect was the 3D, so make sure you get tickets to see it 3D.
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By punkdad
Written January 17, 2009
I took my kids to see this. My seven year old was totally cptivated the whole time. She enjoyed the stuff "popping out" at her. My three year old kept taking the glasses off but watched the whole movie. The movie is in 3D and stuff does look like it is coming straight at you. I never had a moment in this movie where the humor was more adult oriented and had to worry about having to explain to the kids that they don't need to be saying that or doing that. Which was kindof refreshing. A very cute movie and a great story.
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