BOLT to the theater now! BOLT = so CUTE!!! Grade: A-solid

Written November 21, 2008
NOV. 17TH. 2008 - I just saw the advance press screening of this WONDERFUL entertaining Disney animated movie. It is by far one of the BEST animated movie this year(that puts to shame the atrociously horrible badly-executed 'Igor'! It's like day and night comparisons!). John Travolta(Bolt - SO ADORABLE AND CUTE!), Miley Cyrus(Penny),and especially Susie Essman(Mittens) and Mark Walton(Rhino) gave such believable voice-overs/acting! Chris Williams(director/screenwriter) and Dan Fogelman(screenwriter) have come up with a WINNER! Although this is a animated film, Chris Williams gave us camera-angles and slow-motions reminiscent of real-live action movies! Major prominent themes - loyalty, teamwork, value of FRIENDSHIP AND importance of family. BOLT has a broad-appeal - the high-QUALITY animation plus attention to detail were well-executed. VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Bring the kids! Bring your date! Bring everyone! My 16-month old Jack Russell Terrier would love it!
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By conradwsba1
Written May 05, 2009
This was a pretty exciting movie. I enjoyed it. The coolest part was when they were trapped in a fire.
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surprised at how entertaining it was

By sugargookie
Written November 24, 2008
to be honest, i only went to see the movie because the hamster looked insanely hilarious. i definitely wasn't expecting to be pulled into the story and fall in love with all of the characters. i've grown up on disney movies and had begun losing faith in their non-pixar titles. since i am 23 years old now, i chalked it up to their movies being targeted at the younger audience (i.e. beverly hills chihuahua). however, i felt that disney has redeemed themselves by creating a movie that had a deep enough story to keep me engaged, and lots of funny moments and nuances that were aimed at an older audience. not to mention the great animation (the very beginning of the opening scene looks like real footage). i would definitely recommend this to anyone & everyone who is looking for a good laugh & a heartwarming story about an adorable puppy.
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early preview

By pjlacy2
Written November 20, 2008
Bolt is highly anticipated because of Miley Cyrus with the young crowd. THe movie has a lot going for the adults too. When Bolt talked, you could vision John Travolta, but I could not see Miley when Penny had the screen. Maybe it was due to a generation gap but the kids loved the movie. It had a good moral emotionally as well as geographical points of interest of the western verses eastern United States. It overall was a very good movie that will make everyone laugh.
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Good Kid Show.

By nanell
Written November 29, 2008
This was a cute film. We saw it in 3-d and the effect where great. Even when you took off the 3d glasses you could still watch the movie it was just a bit blurry. A good family film with likeable characters. My kids are already asking me to buy it for the house.
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