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  • January 30, 2010
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Movie Reviews

Knowledge is power

By Helen3g
It's not a Democrat or a Republican thing. This is an AMERICAN thing. I am an Independant who believes in freedom of information. We were promised transparency and we haven't gotten it...the Bush era...

Oh you naysayers....

By fromsocalwithlove
I find it interesting that most of these reviews have been negaitve: "Don't Care", "No" and "Oh No". All that you do by logging on and taking the precious time to write a review or rate this show,...

Just what are you afraid of, eh?????

By Roxanne71
It seems to me that the ones already trashing this program are the ones who buy in to the...

Five Word Review

By singerinprogress20
telling Americans the real truth...

Five Word Review

By ZZZDorothy
Bold Fresh Funny Must See...

Five Word Review

By Dark1
Two influential independent thinkers entertain....

Five Word Review

By cattfish
Douchy Ignorant Swine Fascist Bunghole...

Bold and Fresh Tour

By 1ykcud
This absolutely GREAT!!! Funny, timely and fast paced. It's well worth the price of admission. DBL Ventura, CA...

O'Reilly and Beck are a well-balanced act!

By jonmar
I credit Glenn Beck, along with the internet, with the changed the face of journalism we see today (even though he is NOT a journalist!) He has blazed the trail of truth and is exposing veiled agendas...

Bold & Fresh Tour: O'Reilly & Beck LIVE

By AutmAngel
I thought their talk was very informative....

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