Bodhi Elfman
Date of Birth
Jul 19, 1969
Birth Place:
Los Angeles, CA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2007 Kelly Preston Struck
2007 Nancy Cartwright Struck
2006 Stephen Tobolowsky Love Hollywood Style
2006 Faye Dunaway Love Hollywood Style
2005 Charles Napier Fielder's Choice
2005 George Segal Fielder's Choice
2004 Peter Berg Collateral
2004 Mark Ruffalo Collateral
2004 Tom Cruise Collateral
2004 Javier Bardem Collateral
2004 Jada Pinkett Smith Collateral
2004 Jamie Foxx Collateral
2004 Irma P. Hall Collateral
2003 Keith Carradine Coyote Waits
2003 Adam Beach Coyote Waits
2003 Graham Greene Coyote Waits
2000 Georg Stanford Brown Freedom
1999 Dennis Farina The Mod Squad
1999 Giovanni Ribisi The Mod Squad
1999 Claire Danes The Mod Squad
1999 Omar Epps The Mod Squad
1999 Michael Lerner The Mod Squad
1999 Josh Brolin The Mod Squad
1999 Richard Jenkins The Mod Squad
1998 Peter Stormare Mercury Rising
1998 Bruce Willis Mercury Rising
1998 Alec Baldwin Mercury Rising
1998 Kevin Conway Mercury Rising
1994 Wes Craven Wes Craven's New Nightmare
1993 Jack Carter Double Deception
1993 Luis Guzman Double Deception
1993 Alice Krige Double Deception
1993 Burt Young Double Deception
1993 Sally Kirkland Double Deception
1992 James B. Sikking Doing Time on Maple Drive
1992 Jim Carrey Doing Time on Maple Drive
1992 Mary McDonnell Sneakers
1992 Donal Logue Sneakers
1992 River Phoenix Sneakers
1992 Dan Aykroyd Sneakers
1992 David Strathairn Sneakers
1992 Ben Kingsley Sneakers
1992 Stephen Tobolowsky Sneakers
1992 Robert Redford Sneakers
1992 Sidney Poitier Sneakers
1992 James Earl Jones Sneakers
1992 Lee Garlington Sneakers
1992 Timothy Busfield Sneakers
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