Great Movie

By Celeste652
Written January 05, 2007
Just go and see it.Everything elase has already been said...
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By tucker1989
Written January 01, 2007
This movie was very enjoyable. The entire cast does a very nice job and the plot moves along at a perfect pace. This movie really highlighted a specific event in American history and exposed it to a younger generation in a well-constructed and interesting movie.
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Good But Not An Oscar Contender.

By SFMovieGuy
Written December 11, 2006
Good movie, good cast, good subject matter. I think the sheer number of stars in the movie detract from it. Moreover, because there are so many characters, it's difficult for Estevez to each of them screen time to develop them fully. Good movie overall, though. Worth seeing.
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By Qcougar27
Written November 28, 2006
This was a well made movie of a group of Hotel employees on the day of the shooting. Is was a sincere look at an the shooting, carefully engineered to put actual scenes of Bobby Kennedy before he died. His death ended an era in this country and we have been spiralling down since his death. I recommend this for all adults and young americans. It was history revisited.
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Excellent reminder

By mke
Written December 17, 2006
For those in politics, Bobby is an excellent reminder of how serious the game is.
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