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Great Movie

By Celeste652
Just go and see it.Everything elase has already been said......


By tucker1989
This movie was very enjoyable. The entire cast does a very nice job and the plot moves along at a perfect pace. This movie really highlighted a specific event in American history and exposed it to...

Good But Not An Oscar Contender.

By SFMovieGuy
Good movie, good cast, good subject matter. I think the sheer number of stars in the movie detract from it. Moreover, because there are so many characters, it's difficult for Estevez to each of...


By Qcougar27
This was a well made movie of a group of Hotel employees on the day of the shooting. Is was a sincere look at an the shooting, carefully engineered to put actual scenes of Bobby Kennedy before he...

Excellent reminder

By mke
For those in politics, Bobby is an excellent reminder of how serious the game is....

Booby was great if you enjoy a film tailored in a Robert Altman stlye movies

By yotakemyadvice
This would also be my only complaint. The narrative story is so closly linked to Nashville. Other than that I cannot remember the last time I was at a theater when the entire audience was so moved....


By Ghetto Pharoah
A very good film, indeed. Some subplots (like the one with Helen Hunt and Martin Sheen seem a bit uneven), but overall this movie works. The cast is fantastic with Sharon Stone, Freddy Rodriguez,...

Well Meaning..but Flawed

By gasparm
I thought the premise was very good, but the execution was poor. It could have been stronger in stating a desired message rather than coming across as a version of the TV show Hotel. Some of the...


By oldestcritic
Not about Bobby - just used his name and old clips to lure people in to pay for a hollywood look at scandel, sillyness and behind the scenes goings on one day at a hotel. Plotless....

loved it

By eseidman
We loved the film top to bottom. It is a must see. Touching, moving, interesting...

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