Bob Balaban
Date of Birth
Aug 16, 1945
Birth Place:
Chicago, IL

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Tilda Swinton Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Tom Wilkinson Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Harvey Keitel Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Fisher Stevens Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Edward Norton Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Jude Law Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Bill Murray Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Owen Wilson Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Adrien Brody Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Willem Dafoe Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Ralph Fiennes Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 F. Murray Abraham Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Jeff Goldblum Grand Budapest Hotel
2014 Cate Blanchett The Monuments Men
2014 George Clooney The Monuments Men
2014 John Goodman The Monuments Men
2014 Matt Damon The Monuments Men
2014 Bill Murray The Monuments Men
2013 Sharon Stone Fading Gigolo
2013 Aida Turturro Fading Gigolo
2013 David Margulies Fading Gigolo
2013 Liev Schreiber Fading Gigolo
2013 John Turturro Fading Gigolo
2013 Woody Allen Fading Gigolo
2013 Annette Bening Girl Most Likely
2013 Matt Dillon Girl Most Likely
2012 Bruce Willis Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Bill Murray Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Edward Norton Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Frances McDormand Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Harvey Keitel Moonrise Kingdom
2012 Tilda Swinton Moonrise Kingdom
2011 Catherine O'Hara A Monster in Paris
2011 Danny Huston A Monster in Paris
2010 Treat Williams Howl
2010 David Strathairn Howl
2010 Mary-Louise Parker Howl
2010 Jeff Daniels Howl
2010 Billy Crudup Thin Ice
2010 Greg Kinnear Thin Ice
2010 Alan Arkin Thin Ice
2010 Lea Thompson Thin Ice
2009 Sam Rockwell F--K
2009 Mariska Hargitay F--K
2009 Christopher Meloni F--K
2009 Eric Bogosian F--K
2009 Judi Dench Rage
2009 John Leguizamo Rage
2009 Jude Law Rage
2009 Eddie Izzard Rage
2009 Steve Buscemi Rage
2009 Dianne Wiest Rage
2008 Laura Dern Recount
2008 Ed Begley, Jr. Recount
2008 Tom Wilkinson Recount
2008 Kevin Spacey Recount
2008 John Hurt Recount
2008 Denis Leary Recount
2008 Wallace Shawn The Windmill Movie
2007 Billy Crudup Dedication
2007 Mandy Moore Dedication
2007 Peter Bogdanovich Dedication
2007 Tom Wilkinson Dedication
2007 Dianne Wiest Dedication
2007 Catherine Zeta-Jones No Reservations
2007 Patricia Clarkson No Reservations
2007 Philip Glass No Reservations
2007 Aaron Eckhart No Reservations
2006 Harry Shearer For Your Consideration
2006 Christopher Guest For Your Consideration
2006 Michael McKean For Your Consideration
2006 Paul Dooley For Your Consideration
2006 Sandra Oh For Your Consideration
2006 John Michael Higgins For Your Consideration
2006 Ricky Gervais For Your Consideration
2006 Parker Posey For Your Consideration
2006 Catherine O'Hara For Your Consideration
2006 Fred Willard For Your Consideration
2006 Jane Lynch For Your Consideration
2006 Eugene Levy For Your Consideration
2006 Hart Bochner For Your Consideration
2006 Ed Begley, Jr. For Your Consideration
2006 M. Night Shyamalan Lady in the Water
2006 Jeffrey Wright Lady in the Water
2006 Mary Beth Hurt Lady in the Water
2006 Jared Harris Lady in the Water
2006 Paul Giamatti Lady in the Water
2006 Tovah Feldshuh Lady in the Water
2006 Julianne Moore Trust the Man
2006 Ellen Barkin Trust the Man
2006 James LeGros Trust the Man
2006 Garry Shandling Trust the Man
2006 Eva Mendes Trust the Man
2006 Billy Crudup Trust the Man
2006 David Duchovny Trust the Man
2006 Maggie Gyllenhaal Trust the Man
2005 Philip Seymour Hoffman Capote
2005 Catherine Keener Capote
2005 Chris Cooper Capote
2005 Bruce Greenwood Capote
2005 Michael McKean Hopeless Pictures [Animated TV Series]
2005 Lisa Kudrow Hopeless Pictures [Animated TV Series]
2004 Griffin Dunne Marie and Bruce
2004 Kenneth Lonergan Marie and Bruce
2004 Julie Hagerty Marie and Bruce
2004 Julianne Moore Marie and Bruce
2004 Matthew Broderick Marie and Bruce
2003 Paul Benedict A Mighty Wind
2003 Paul Dooley A Mighty Wind
2003 Fred Willard A Mighty Wind
2003 Jane Lynch A Mighty Wind
2003 Catherine O'Hara A Mighty Wind
2003 Ed Begley, Jr. A Mighty Wind
2003 Christopher Guest A Mighty Wind
2003 Parker Posey A Mighty Wind
2003 John Michael Higgins A Mighty Wind
2003 Michael McKean A Mighty Wind
2003 Harry Shearer A Mighty Wind
2003 Eugene Levy A Mighty Wind
2001 Steve Buscemi Ghost World
2001 Teri Garr Ghost World
2001 Illeana Douglas Ghost World
2001 Scarlett Johansson Ghost World
2001 Eileen Atkins Gosford Park
2001 Michael Gambon Gosford Park
2001 Alan Bates Gosford Park
2001 Sophie Thompson Gosford Park
2001 Charles Dance Gosford Park
2001 Richard E. Grant Gosford Park
2001 Stephen Fry Gosford Park
2001 Clive Owen Gosford Park
2001 Helen Mirren Gosford Park
2001 Derek Jacobi Gosford Park
2001 Kelly MacDonald Gosford Park
2001 Emily Watson Gosford Park
2001 Jeremy Northam Gosford Park
2001 Kristin Scott Thomas Gosford Park
2001 Maggie Smith Gosford Park
2001 Ryan Phillippe Gosford Park
2001 Allen Garfield The Majestic
2001 James Whitmore The Majestic
2001 Rob Reiner The Majestic
2001 Garry Marshall The Majestic
2001 Carl Reiner The Majestic
2001 David Ogden Stiers The Majestic
2001 Sydney Pollack The Majestic
2001 Jim Carrey The Majestic
2001 Martin Landau The Majestic
2001 Hal Holbrook The Majestic
2001 Bruce Campbell The Majestic
2001 Paul Mazursky The Majestic
2001 Ron Rifkin The Majestic
2001 Matt Damon The Majestic
2001 James Gandolfini The Mexican
2001 J.K. Simmons The Mexican
2001 Brad Pitt The Mexican
2001 Julia Roberts The Mexican
2001 Gene Hackman The Mexican
2001 Burt Young Plan B
2001 Maury Chaykin Plan B
2001 Diane Keaton Plan B
2001 Paul Sorvino Plan B
2000 Fred Willard Best in Show
2000 Eugene Levy Best in Show
2000 Ed Begley, Jr. Best in Show
2000 Jane Lynch Best in Show
2000 Catherine O'Hara Best in Show
2000 Michael McKean Best in Show
2000 Parker Posey Best in Show
2000 Christopher Guest Best in Show
2000 John Michael Higgins Best in Show
2000 Stephen Root The Monster Hunter
2000 David Carradine The Monster Hunter
2000 Tim Matheson The West Wing: 20 Hours in L.A.
2000 Marlee Matlin The West Wing: 20 Hours in L.A.
2000 David Hasselhoff The West Wing: 20 Hours in L.A.
1999 John Cusack Cradle Will Rock
1999 Joan Cusack Cradle Will Rock
1999 Philip Baker Hall Cradle Will Rock
1999 Hank Azaria Cradle Will Rock
1999 Vanessa Redgrave Cradle Will Rock
1999 Jamey Sheridan Cradle Will Rock
1999 Susan Sarandon Cradle Will Rock
1999 Cary Elwes Cradle Will Rock
1999 John Turturro Cradle Will Rock
1999 Jack Black Cradle Will Rock
1999 Emily Watson Cradle Will Rock
1999 Rubén Blades Cradle Will Rock
1999 Harris Yulin Cradle Will Rock
1999 Barbara Sukowa Cradle Will Rock
1999 Bill Murray Cradle Will Rock
1999 Cherry Jones Cradle Will Rock
1999 Barnard Hughes Cradle Will Rock
1999 Paul Giamatti Cradle Will Rock
1999 Lisa Kudrow Friends: The One with Joey's Bag
1999 Alan Arkin Jakob the Liar
1999 Michael Jeter Jakob the Liar
1999 Mathieu Kassovitz Jakob the Liar
1999 Armin Mueller-Stahl Jakob the Liar
1999 Robin Williams Jakob the Liar
1999 Liev Schreiber Jakob the Liar
1999 Andy Garcia Swing Vote
1999 Robert Prosky Swing Vote
1999 Ray Walston Swing Vote
1999 Margaret Colin Swing Vote
1999 Harry Belafonte Swing Vote
1999 Kate Nelligan Swing Vote
1999 Michael O'Keefe Swing Vote
1999 James Whitmore Swing Vote
1999 Milo O'Shea Swing Vote
1999 Neve Campbell Three to Tango
1999 John C. McGinley Three to Tango
1999 Oliver Platt Three to Tango
1999 Matthew Perry Three to Tango
1999 Dylan McDermott Three to Tango
1998 Marg Helgenberger Giving Up the Ghost
1997 Toni Collette Clockwatchers
1997 David James Elliott Clockwatchers
1997 Parker Posey Clockwatchers
1997 Lisa Kudrow Clockwatchers
1997 Paul Dooley Clockwatchers
1997 Billy Crystal Deconstructing Harry
1997 Eric Bogosian Deconstructing Harry
1997 Robin Williams Deconstructing Harry
1997 Stanley Tucci Deconstructing Harry
1997 Richard Benjamin Deconstructing Harry
1997 Woody Allen Deconstructing Harry
1997 Mariel Hemingway Deconstructing Harry
1997 Gene Saks Deconstructing Harry
1997 Demi Moore Deconstructing Harry
1997 Tobey Maguire Deconstructing Harry
1997 Caroline Aaron Deconstructing Harry
1997 Philip Bosco Deconstructing Harry
1997 Judy Davis Deconstructing Harry
1997 Kirstie Alley Deconstructing Harry
1997 Elisabeth Shue Deconstructing Harry
1997 Amy Irving Deconstructing Harry
1997 Julie Kavner Deconstructing Harry
1997 Jennifer Garner Deconstructing Harry
1997 Ally Sheedy No Money Down
1997 Teri Garr No Money Down
1997 Roy Scheider No Money Down
1997 Josh Lucas No Money Down
1996 Armin Mueller-Stahl Conversation with the Beast
1996 John Michael Higgins The Late Shift
1996 Lawrence Pressman The Late Shift
1996 Kathy Bates The Late Shift
1996 Ed Begley, Jr. The Late Shift
1996 Sandra Bernhard The Late Shift
1996 Treat Williams The Late Shift
1996 Paul Dooley Waiting for Guffman
1996 Paul Benedict Waiting for Guffman
1996 Fred Willard Waiting for Guffman
1996 Catherine O'Hara Waiting for Guffman
1996 Parker Posey Waiting for Guffman
1996 Brian Doyle-Murray Waiting for Guffman
1996 Eugene Levy Waiting for Guffman
1996 Christopher Guest Waiting for Guffman
1995 Josh Charles Pie in the Sky
1995 Peter Riegert Pie in the Sky
1995 Christine Lahti Pie in the Sky
1995 Christine Ebersole Pie in the Sky
1995 Anne Heche Pie in the Sky
1995 John Goodman Pie in the Sky
1994 Patricia Wettig City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 Noble Willingham City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 Billy Crystal City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 Daniel Stern City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 Jayne Meadows City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 Pruitt Taylor Vince City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 Jon Lovitz City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 David Paymer City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 Jack Palance City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold
1994 Jonathan Lynn Greedy
1994 Nancy Travis Greedy
1994 Kevin McCarthy Greedy
1994 Phil Hartman Greedy
1994 Ed Begley, Jr. Greedy
1994 Olivia D'Abo Greedy
1994 Tom Mason Greedy
1994 Michael J. Fox Greedy
1994 Lowell Ganz Greedy
1994 Kirk Douglas Greedy
1994 Kirsten Dunst Greedy
1993 Michael Lerner Amos & Andrew
1993 Samuel L. Jackson Amos & Andrew
1993 Margaret Colin Amos & Andrew
1993 Nicolas Cage Amos & Andrew
1993 Brad Dourif Amos & Andrew
1993 Tracey Walter Amos & Andrew
1993 Dabney Coleman Amos & Andrew
1993 Giancarlo Esposito Amos & Andrew
1993 Udo Kier For Love or Money
1993 Michael J. Fox For Love or Money
1993 Michael Tucker For Love or Money
1993 Gabrielle Anwar For Love or Money
1993 Dan Hedaya For Love or Money
1992 Fisher Stevens Bob Roberts
1992 Lynne Thigpen Bob Roberts
1992 Tim Robbins Bob Roberts
1992 Fred Ward Bob Roberts
1992 Gore Vidal Bob Roberts
1992 Jack Black Bob Roberts
1992 David Strathairn Bob Roberts
1992 Ray Wise Bob Roberts
1992 Brian Doyle-Murray Bob Roberts
1992 Pamela Reed Bob Roberts
1992 James Spader Bob Roberts
1992 Helen Hunt Bob Roberts
1992 Alan Rickman Bob Roberts
1992 Peter Gallagher Bob Roberts
1992 Giancarlo Esposito Bob Roberts
1992 Susan Sarandon Bob Roberts
1992 John Cusack Bob Roberts
1991 George Plimpton Little Man Tate
1991 David Hyde Pierce Little Man Tate
1991 Jodie Foster Little Man Tate
1991 Dianne Wiest Little Man Tate
1991 Harry Connick, Jr. Little Man Tate
1991 John Mahoney Unnatural Pursuits
1991 Alan Bates Unnatural Pursuits
1990 Blythe Danner Alice
1990 Judy Davis Alice
1990 Alec Baldwin Alice
1990 Caroline Aaron Alice
1990 Mia Farrow Alice
1990 Gwen Verdon Alice
1990 Juliet Taylor Alice
1990 James Toback Alice
1990 Holland Taylor Alice
1990 Judith Ivey Alice
1990 William Hurt Alice
1990 Joe Mantegna Alice
1990 Keye Luke Alice
1990 Julie Kavner Alice
1990 Cybill Shepherd Alice
1990 David Spielberg Alice
1990 Bernadette Peters Alice
1990 Patrick O'Neal Alice
1989 Penelope Ann Miller Dead Bang
1989 Don Johnson Dead Bang
1989 Michael Jeter Dead Bang
1989 Lynn Stalmaster Dead Bang
1989 Tate Donovan Dead Bang
1989 William Forsythe Dead Bang
1988 Barbara Barrie End of the Line
1988 Kevin Bacon End of the Line
1988 Howard Morris End of the Line
1988 Mary Steenburgen End of the Line
1988 Clint Howard End of the Line
1988 Holly Hunter End of the Line
1988 Wilford Brimley End of the Line
1988 Henderson Forsythe End of the Line
1984 Savely Kramarov 2010
1984 John Lithgow 2010
1984 Keir Dullea 2010
1984 Roy Scheider 2010
1984 Helen Mirren 2010
1984 James McEachin 2010
1984 Dana Elcar 2010
1984 Candice Bergen 2010
1984 Meryl Streep In Our Hands
1984 Anne Meara In Our Hands
1984 Jerry Stiller In Our Hands
1984 Roy Scheider In Our Hands
1984 Judd Hirsch In Our Hands
1984 Jill Clayburgh In Our Hands
1984 Orson Welles In Our Hands
1984 Ellen Burstyn In Our Hands
1981 Luther Adler Absence of Malice
1981 Wilford Brimley Absence of Malice
1981 Melinda Dillon Absence of Malice
1981 Lynn Stalmaster Absence of Malice
1981 Sally Field Absence of Malice
1981 Paul Newman Absence of Malice
1981 Treat Williams Prince of the City
1981 James Tolkan Prince of the City
1981 Lindsay Crouse Prince of the City
1981 Cynthia Nixon Prince of the City
1981 Lane Smith Prince of the City
1981 Lee Richardson Prince of the City
1981 Jerry Orbach Prince of the City
1981 Lance Henriksen Prince of the City
1981 John Cassavetes Whose Life Is It Anyway?
1981 Richard Dreyfuss Whose Life Is It Anyway?
1981 Christine Lahti Whose Life Is It Anyway?
1981 Jeffrey Combs Whose Life Is It Anyway?
1981 Kenneth McMillan Whose Life Is It Anyway?
1980 George Gaynes Altered States
1980 William Hurt Altered States
1980 John Larroquette Altered States
1980 Charles Haid Altered States
1980 Drew Barrymore Altered States
1980 Blair Brown Altered States
1978 Viveca Lindfors Girlfriends
1978 Eli Wallach Girlfriends
1978 Kristoffer Tabori Girlfriends
1978 Kenneth McMillan Girlfriends
1978 Mike Kellin Girlfriends
1978 Christopher Guest Girlfriends
1977 Melinda Dillon Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1977 Lance Henriksen Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1977 Roberts Blossom Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1977 George DiCenzo Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1977 François Truffaut Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1977 Carl Weathers Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1977 Teri Garr Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1977 Richard Dreyfuss Close Encounters of the Third Kind
1974 George C. Scott Bank Shot
1974 Liam Dunn Bank Shot
1974 Clifton James Bank Shot
1974 Sorrell Booke Bank Shot
1974 Joanna Cassidy Bank Shot
1974 Yaphet Kotto Report to the Commissioner
1974 Vic Tayback Report to the Commissioner
1974 Michael Moriarty Report to the Commissioner
1974 Richard Gere Report to the Commissioner
1974 William Devane Report to the Commissioner
1974 Susan Blakely Report to the Commissioner
1974 Hector Elizondo Report to the Commissioner
1974 Dana Elcar Report to the Commissioner
1974 Stephen Elliott Report to the Commissioner
1971 David F. Doyle Making it
1971 John Fiedler Making it
1971 Lawrence Pressman Making it
1971 Joyce Van Patten Making it
1971 Kristoffer Tabori Making it
1971 Doro Merande Making it
1971 Dick Van Patten Making it
1971 Neville Brand Marriage: Year One
1971 Michael Lerner Marriage: Year One
1971 William Windom Marriage: Year One
1971 Cicely Tyson Marriage: Year One
1971 Agnes Moorehead Marriage: Year One
1971 Sally Field Marriage: Year One
1970 Bob Newhart Catch-22
1970 Buck Henry Catch-22
1970 Paula Prentiss Catch-22
1970 Richard Benjamin Catch-22
1970 Anthony Perkins Catch-22
1970 Alan Alda Catch-22
1970 Alan Arkin Catch-22
1970 Martin Sheen Catch-22
1970 Charles Grodin Catch-22
1970 Marcel Dalio Catch-22
1970 Jon Voight Catch-22
1970 Martin Balsam Catch-22
1970 Elizabeth Wilson Catch-22
1970 Norman Fell Catch-22
1970 Jack Gilford Catch-22
1970 Liam Dunn Catch-22
1970 Orson Welles Catch-22
1970 Bruce Davison The Strawberry Statement
1970 James Coco The Strawberry Statement
1970 David Dukes The Strawberry Statement
1970 Bud Cort The Strawberry Statement
1970 Bert Remsen The Strawberry Statement
1969 Al Pacino Me, Natalie
1969 Nancy Marchand Me, Natalie
1969 Elsa Lanchester Me, Natalie
1969 James Farentino Me, Natalie
1969 Patty Duke Me, Natalie
1969 Martin Balsam Me, Natalie
1969 Paul Benjamin Midnight Cowboy
1969 Georgann Johnson Midnight Cowboy
1969 Barnard Hughes Midnight Cowboy
1969 John McGiver Midnight Cowboy
1969 M. Emmet Walsh Midnight Cowboy
1969 Brenda Vaccaro Midnight Cowboy
1969 Jon Voight Midnight Cowboy
1969 Paul Morrissey Midnight Cowboy
1969 Jennifer Salt Midnight Cowboy
1969 Sylvia Miles Midnight Cowboy
1969 Dustin Hoffman Midnight Cowboy
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