Blue Like Jazz Synopsis
A collegian seeks escape from his evangelical background by transferring to a progressive school.
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San Francisco Chronicle

Taylor's film is never boring, and it has some beautiful, thought-provoking moments. In a genre in which preaching to the choir seems to be...
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Slant Magazine

Blue Like Jazz charts a typical existential coming-of-age tale, yet remains atypical by being hip while also treating religion fairly.
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Washington Post

By Michael O'Sullivan
Without being parodistic, it manages to poke fun at the air of privilege and strenuous political correctness common to lefty, liberal arts...
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USA Today

By Scott Bowles
Just earnest enough to blend its religious theme with a beer-chugging hero for a surprisingly contemporary look at faith.
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
It does give believers and those tottering on the edge something to chew on, and it steadfastly refuses to demonize everybody else.
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New York Post

Steve Taylor's direction is unexciting but solid, relying on the beauty of Portland and his spirited young cast for most of the visual...
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Village Voice

One only has so much patience, though, for watching Communion-wafer-thin characters caught in a liberal-arts cartoon.
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Portland Oregonian

By Marc Mohan
The potential for an interesting story is high. Unfortunately, Miller's autobiographical tale, as told in Blue Like Jazz, squanders this...
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Austin Chronicle

By Marjorie Baumgarten
The primary problem with Blue Like Jazz is that there is no believable character development.
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Time Out New York

By David Fear
The movie adaptation's version of religion may be more nuanced than the usual Left Behind fire-and-brimstone sermonizing you find in much...
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Absolutely. Go.

By makeshiftbelle
I was talking to a friend who'd walked out of the showing right before mine, I ask him how it was he said he'd liked it but preferred more heavy, heady apologetics etc. As I watched the movie I...

Laugh out loud if you grew up in church! Real, provocative, entertaining

By johnthetoolman
Does the reality of God really make a difference in my life? Can I follow Jesus and not have it all figured out? Is Christianity a journey or a destination? Donald Miller’s provocative style in...


By ac123
I am an avid fan of the book Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller, so admittedly, I went into the movie expecting to be somewhat disappointed, as most fan-of-the-book-before-the-movie-was-created folks...

Thank You

By StefanieLindholm
It is very refreshing to see a film that is true to life. I cannot imagine someone not being able to relate to one of the characters or the diverse situation they find themselves in. Each character...

A Challenge and a Heart Tug

By edunn7
This movie will make you laugh. It will make you wonder if the producers really WERE Christians. It might make you tear up (it made me cry, but I'm known to do that). But it most certainly will...

Saw it Twice!

By Go_Movie_Movie
This is a movie you can see more than once. Based on a memoir, it strays from the book in ways that make for a better movie, but keeps the elements of the story intact. It is quirky, thoughtful,...

Blue Like Jazz

By jubrowell
A friend gave me the NY Times best-selling book that the movie was based on a few years ago, which was a life-line for me during a dark time. So I was more than bit concerned that they took too many...

A refreshingly real film about Christianity

By beckyreneedavis
FINALLY, a film that addresses Christianity without being too concerned with neatness to depict real life! Blue Like Jazz is a film about me, you, and everyone else who lives in the real world. A...

Thought provoking, funny, disturbing & refreshing

By faithwarrior118
Blue Like Jazz follows one man on a journey to find meaning and tackles the questions we are often afraid to ask, and refuses to give tidy, easy answers. The last eight minute say what I’ve always...

Blue Like Jazz Doesn't Disappoint

By kelly_twloha
Blue Like Jazz is by far one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life. It's truly hard to compare to any other movie out there, because it's so different from anything that's ever been made. The...

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Rated PG-13 | For Mature thematic material, sexuality, drug and alcohol content and some language
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Common Sense Media says Coming-of-age college comedy has muddled messages.
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