Blue Jasmine is an ORIGINAL hit!!!

By buzzini
Written September 16, 2014
Woody Allen hit a Home-Run with this one! An amazing cast handed an amazing and original script is always a great recipe! This is one of the best, if not The Best movie I have seen in some time! This is what the movie experience should be! Not a bunch of loud explosions and fight scenes to cover up the lack of talent in CREATING something special!!
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Blue Jasmine

By vdoubleu
Written December 26, 2014
I thought the film was at the low end of his films: C- at best The ending: D The acting: really quite good. I think Cate Blanchett might be Academy Award material for her role
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Superlative Blanchett heads first-rate cast.

By brunowe
Written September 01, 2013
Blue Jasmine refers to the title character, Jasmine (nee Jeanette), the widow of a financial conman, Hal ( Alec Baldwin). She has to move in with Ginger (Sally Hawkins) , the working-class sister she disdained, after losing everything when Hal was caught. This is interspersed with flashbacks of her life with her husband. Blanchett's portrayal of both the before-and-after Jasmine is excellent. Hawkins is also good as the estranged sister. One stand out is Andrew "Dice" Clay, best known in the 80s as a gross-out comic, who does a fine job as Augie, the sister's ex-husband, who has particular reason to be embittered with Jasmine and Hal. The movie is part character study of Jasmine's fall and part morality play, contrasting the rough-hewn working class characters one of whom, Chili, played well by Bobby Cannivale, can point out to Jasmine that at least they don't steal. The movie is able to execute this without becoming didactic.
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A poignant, intense, incredible film

By Artwomannyc
Written December 26, 2014
Woody's vision, the staging, direction, and music were all pitch-perfect, and the acting, truly astounding. This year's Oscar is going to Cate Blanchett, end of story.
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Blue Jasmine

By KateNYC
Written August 29, 2013
This is a "must see". Cate Blanchett was simply amazing. The entire cast was exceptional. I am a long time "not" love of Woody Allen's work - until "Match Point". This film has totally erased my earlier opinions. The story had debt and honesty and I highly recommend that you see it.
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