Blue Jasmine

By normdonna950
Written August 11, 2013
Not the comedy you mzy be expecting from Woody. Very dark albeit with flashes of humor. A great cast and a phenomenal performance from Cate Blanchett. A lock for an Academy Award.
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Don't bother! This movie is awful!

By Dizneygeek
Written October 05, 2013
Kate was amazing in this role as a crazy woman but the "plot" is disjointed & confusing. I really hated this movie! Don't even rent it when it comes out in a couple of months.
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Best Woody Allen movie since Annie Hall

By adultmoviegoes
Written August 14, 2013
The story was so intriguing and unfolded in such an interesting way. It keeps your attention from beginning to end and you don't want it to end. Cate Blanchett was terrific as was Sally Hawkins, Bobby Carnevale and all of the cast.
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blah jasmine

By tasteful1
Written August 18, 2013
Woody Allen gets other actors to play his typical neurotic role. Cate will get an Oscar nod, but there is nothing else redeeming about this movie. Yawn. Save your money on this one, go see 20 feet from Stardom!
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Blue Jasmin

By jmccotter
Written July 28, 2013
Junk with stock, one-dimensional characters right out of central Casting. Predictable and highly boring and who could care about any of them since the main characters were wooden and without a shade of common humanity. Poor Baldwin needs to go to acting school.and get a man's voice. Not an interesting line or moment of reflection. While Blanchett is a wonderful talent, here she is snivelling, dull and common. Blanchett's sister's part is well-played. And the movie has nothing to do with Tennessee Williams ( Oh for a Blanche Dubois!) s
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