By mikegenest
Written April 02, 2015
No doubt this movie was extremely well made. The acting was excellent. The plotting was complex, but always understandable, with flash backs always containing immediate points of reference so as to avoid confusion. The was irony (macho man RDJr. crying) and humor and pathos. But, the question remains, why was this move made at all? The nearest I can come to an answer is that it was made to cast light on the phony rich. Well, who cares? Does the movie indicate that Mr. Allen repents his own sexual peccadilloes? No. Does it show that he respects the common man? Yes, but why did he have to make a movie to prove that? Bottom line for me, is go see this if you wan to appreciate fine craftsmanship in movie making. Don't bother if you want an uplifting tale with strong protagonists with whom you can identify.
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Depressing but great acting

By innadivibe
Written October 24, 2014
Are there light moments sprinkled in? Yes. Believable characters and well executed acting? Yes, But the story line in itself is depressing and your heart aches for the protagonist. Does your heart get relief? I cannot give you spoils.
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Tennessee Williams, anyone?

By lindafalcao
Written January 30, 2015
Is Woody Allen sharing revenue from Blue Jasmine with Tennessee Williams' estate? It's a remake of Streetcar Named Desire with a dash of Glass Menagerie. STELLA!!!
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Worst Woody Allen Movie Ever

By taxguru854
Written February 28, 2015
Nice character study by Cate Blanchett, but the movie is flat and unfunny. The bombshell reveal at the end had no emotional impact on my wife or me. I guess we never felt an emotional connection to the title character, so we didn't care why she found herself in such an awful situation. To us, she pretty much deserved it. This movie needed scintillating dialogue to offset the overall negative mood, and Woody's writing was not up to the task. I would rather have watched one of my wife's picks from Netflix, like maybe something about a serial killer, filmed in Hungarian with subtitles. If done well, that would have at least been interesting.
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Two dimensional characters that are all fatally flawed

By acquista
Written March 26, 2015
Each of the characters in the film are portrayed as superficial, interested in petty things, fail to see value in real human relationships, have little or no boundaries or respect for other people and all this was written by Woody Allen. These are two dimensional characters, not real people by any stretch. The dialogue is one lecture after another with no one ever really listening to anyone else. So, its narcissistic farce a la mode. I did get amused at times, but to call this great character development is a stretch. Likeability wise, not one character was likeable. Cate's role, while well acted, is thoroughly self centered, her husband Alec flaunts the rules and loyalty, her sister is self defeating and flows with anyone who gives her attention, her boyfriend has some character but is dying to be liked at any cost by her and her kids. The list goes on. Loved San Francisco footage!
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