Two dimensional characters that are all fatally flawed

By acquista
Written March 26, 2015
Each of the characters in the film are portrayed as superficial, interested in petty things, fail to see value in real human relationships, have little or no boundaries or respect for other people and all this was written by Woody Allen. These are two dimensional characters, not real people by any stretch. The dialogue is one lecture after another with no one ever really listening to anyone else. So, its narcissistic farce a la mode. I did get amused at times, but to call this great character development is a stretch. Likeability wise, not one character was likeable. Cate's role, while well acted, is thoroughly self centered, her husband Alec flaunts the rules and loyalty, her sister is self defeating and flows with anyone who gives her attention, her boyfriend has some character but is dying to be liked at any cost by her and her kids. The list goes on. Loved San Francisco footage!
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Best acting and directing I've seen in quite some time

By freshwilson
Written January 29, 2015
I'm not the biggest Alan fan but this movie was very well done. The supporting cast was as good as the leading actors, including a shockingly great performance by Andrew Dice Clay. Who saw that coming? I walked away thinking, "that wasn't bad", but the plot and characters stayed with me for days and my appreciation continue to grow for the film and the actors. This is no first date movie, certainly serious, but well worth the watch.
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Blue Jasmine

By sailorskipca
Written January 30, 2015
I've seen most of Woody Allen's movies and I'm usually eager to see each new one soon after it's released. That was certainly the case with Blue Jasmine. I liked the movie very much, and think Cate Blanchett's performance was wonderful; she's deserving of an Oscar nomination for best actress. The subject matter and tone of the movie are different than any of Allen's previous films that I can recall. I'd read reviews before seeing it and knew the movie's theme had similarities to A Streetcar Named Desire, which I watched the night before seeing Blue Jasmine, to refresh my memory of it. The thematic similarities in Blue Jasmine are clear, but it's not a remake of Streetcar which is just fine. Sally Hawkins is also very good as Ginger, and Alec Baldwin was a no-brainer casting choice as Hal since he plays the outwardly confident and smarmy wealthy businessman with ease.
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blue jasmine

By nanannlan
Written January 10, 2014
if you want to be transported (maybe not to a place you want to be), you must see kate blanchett as jasmine. she IS jasmine. the secondary characters are too cartoonish in the writing and acting, but the character of jasmine is written exquisitely and acted even well beyond the writing.
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Woody Allen at his best

By pedsarq
Written June 22, 2014
Xanax, neurosis, beautiful and intelligent people trading amazing dialog. If this all sounds familiar, it's because this is a Woody Allen film and there's no mistaking it. It reminded me of such greats as Hannah and Her Sisters. Cate Blanchet is spectacular and a shoe-in for an Oscar Nomination. She plays the psycho ex-wife of an extortionist and adulterer and she's a wreck. She talks to herself; she believes she's above menial jobs; and, we meet her when she's broke, lost her husband to felony charges and suicide, her son won't talk to her, and she's forced to move in with her sister in San Francisco and stoop down to socializing with blue collar workers. The storyline is so complex and fun to watch unravel that I was just laughing and truly amazed. Woody Allen still has it and, in fact, he's just getting better. There are plenty of Allen moments, but there's new technique here and it's very, very fresh. Truly a must see.
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