• Released
  • October 25, 2013
  • (Limited NY, LA)
  • NC-17 , 2 hr 55 min
  • Art House/Foreign

So So

By hkaplan918
Written May 31, 2016
The film itself is an interesting character study. The acting is excellent. However, the sex scenes distract from the good qualities of the film. They go on too long and are jarringly amateurish. They are added, almost as an afterthought.
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Beautiful Film

By califooornians
Written November 02, 2013
Captures the euphoria and the heartbreak of one's first love, the inner turmoil of pursuing a love with possible social ramifications, the idea that a person you randomly cross on the street could change the course of your life.... this movie is a rare look at these very real and relevant struggles. The acting is incredible. You will be hypnotized by Adele Exarchopolous and Lea Seydoux. It's no shock that the director and the leading actresses won the Palm d'Or at Cannes, the highest prize available.
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Ewu is the warmest color

By everyweek60706
Written November 04, 2013
A fine film with some intense (-ly embarrassing) sex scenes. If you were hoping for porn you'll have to sit through three hours of good movie. If you came for the good movie - well, I just don't see why it needs to be in there. After shooting his actresses crossing a live street countless (over a hundred) times to get their character's chance meeting just right he includes what looks (and sounds) like plain old porn. Otherwise it's a fine coming of age story with Adèle Pouty Resting Face Exarchopoulos playing the teenager. It's in French that's not that easy to follow because they swear and whisper, but there are subtitles and many things don't really need translation, or inclusion.
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Amazing, Epic Love Story

By willallison2000
Written November 04, 2013
Don't get distracted by the film's notoriety over its sexuality, etc. The 2 actors, and the director, have created one of the great love stories ever shown in cinema. A must see.
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Unrelenting intensity

By naties
Written November 04, 2013
Most of screen time is close-ups of Adele character; the movie is a refutation of the cliche of 'the male gaze.' So close up, we see everything, beauty, ugliness, grossness, cruelty, pain. It takes us to the limit of what one can know by looking. Something is always missing in what we know, as we follow her walking away from her close-up. 'Emma' is great, but it's Adele's movie. Sex is part of the close up.
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