Bloodsucking Bastards Synopsis
Bloodsucking Bastards takes audiences on a hilarious, blood-spattered roller coaster ride in the most terrifying locale of all: the American workplace.
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Movie Reviews

This movie is halarious!!!

By seahawkz360
I randomly stumbled on this movie when I went to the movie theatre and I'm glad I did. This movie had me non stop laughing. It's office space meets Shaun of the dead but with a vampire theme. I...

This movie is awesome!!!

By Johnsjeffrey
I went to the opener on September the 4th, the day it came out. It was such an interesting twist... Laughing the whole time with my friends. Make sure you light one up before you go (;...

Hilarious ***Movie

By xaviereutsey
Couldnt stop laughing , Must see movie !!!...


By Osmeralda
We were fortunate enough to experience this awesomeness when it was shown at a film festival in May. Will be taking everyone to the theater this month so they can share in the gory glory of this...

instant classic

By stephaniedonahoe
Super funny! Had a lot of great one liners, definitely recommend you see it!...

VERY FUNNY! Ive never been too a movie where everyone was laughing the whole time! Go see it

By Wtread5


By pdiddy187
How did I not hear about this movie before?! My friends took me with them and I'm glad they did. This movie is hilarious. It's the perfect blend of workaholics comedy with a vampire twist. The whole...

Best vamp movie I've ever seen

By rymyer08
One liner after one liner after one liner! I will be quoting this one for a long time. Its the kind of movie you need to watch over and over again! Can't wait to watch it again!...


By conor3333
This was like Shaun of the Dead meets Office Space! Hilarious movie. I've already gone and seen it 3 times. Once by myself, once with my friends and once with the girlfriend. MUST SEE...

vampires meet office space

By jbanach6193
an awesome horror comedy everyone should see. Laughed throughout the whole movie....