Written May 10, 2008
'Director' Uwe Boll has laid a major TURKEY. I was UNFORTUNATE enough to watch this in the theater when this movie was released - and have since been unable to erase it from my brain. I am seriously contemplating either hypnotherapy or a lobotomy. Uwe Boll has got to be THE WORST movie-maker of the last century and this century combined. But it certainly helps that he was also the producer - so, maybe that was what got his movies made. Bloodrayne = a complete utter futile exercise in stupidity. Horrible acting - even MORE horrible directing - really bad editing - totally irredeemable trashy script - awful costumes/props/sets - etc. (you get my drift). BEWARE and BE FORWARNED : Watch this movie at your peril. Be prepared to waste precious time from your life on this trash. This movie is NOT worth a rental. AVOID it at all costs. You can't even pay me enough to watch it again - yes, it is THAT BAD. Would someone please STOP Uwe Boll from making more trash???????
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By bdog15
Written November 18, 2006
Dis movie sucks balls
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r u kidding me!!!!

By kirey65
Written June 16, 2007
this movie sucked!!! i am soo glad we didn't pay to go see this movie in the theaters. the acting though is awesome, b/c the plot sucks, so i give props to the actors for managing to keep a straight face throughout the whole thing. for anyone who wants to watch it i say don't do it to yourself, but if you must wait until it comes out on the sci-fi channel like i did.
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love it

By Harold and Kumar 15
Written June 11, 2009
saw it with wife kids and justin. evrybody hate it except me and justin.good movie.
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