Bloodline (2013) Synopsis
A filmmaker looks for evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and had children.
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By lebowdarren
An amateurish, poorly acted, directed and written waste of your time. There's a reason there are no legit reviews or film festival kudos on Bloodline: they don't exist. I want my hour and half...

A thriller with a real story!? Wow!

By CriticalMovieGuy84
I thoroughly enjoyed this simplistic take in the thriller genre. It kept me engaged beginning to end and even made me want the sequel! Well done Matt Thompson, look forward to seeing more from him!...

Entertaining, creepy, and funny

By trinity916
Made me laugh and made me jump. My son at the end of the movie, whispered “ there better be a sequel!”. He really liked the movie as well....


By kdestefano438
To go on and on about how bad this run of the mill, cliche-packed non-scary insult to the senses is is to give it more attention than it deserves. Went with a friend of a friend of the filmmaker's...


By iamthemovieguru
Well put together. Hot girls, youthful feel. really creepy so its definitely a great date movie....

By misha38
Movie did not reflect the movies description, thus a complete misrepresentation! I'm angry that this was released in this manner. Furthermore the movie was riddled with puerile acting and a terrible...

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Rated R | For some violence, language and sexuality