Get used to it

By ChocaMovieHolic
Written February 18, 2007
Alright. I have seen the movie and this is how I feel about the it. I am definitely glad I saw it! Honestly, I think people need to realise that there is a reason they just "base" things on books. People read a book and realise all of the other places they could have gone with it. It's an art and I think people don't need to insult it. I must admit though that there have been a good share of books turned into movies (cough*Eragon*cough) that have just been bad movies all together. I will give these people the benefit of the doubt before I see the movie. If I watch it and the movie is bad or the characters are shallow, then I will rant about it. And I CAN rant. :D RECOMMENDATION: Go into the movie theater and in your mind separate the movie from the book. That way, you can actually enjoy the movie, and make your comparisons later.
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and Chocolate

By ivalines
Written February 12, 2007
For a movie that was made by the people who did "Underworld:Evolution", I found this one not to be up to that caliber. The storyline was okay and some of the acting was good but I would really wait until it comes at on DVD or PPV before I would see it.
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By joelyanne23
Written February 17, 2007
AMAZINGa! not like the book at all but very vry very good!
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By bloodndarkness
Written April 20, 2007
They completely ruined the book! there's nothin at all from the book. if they are goin to make a movie out of a book atleast do it right!! it's me favorite book and they just killed it!
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By GrenFaery
Written February 10, 2007
I read the book when it first came out and even though there are some different twists in the film they are both equally exciting and wonderful. I recomend it to anyone with taste for adventure and suspense.
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