Blood and Chocolate Synopsis
A young werewolf (Agnes Bruckner) pursues a romance with a human (Hugh Dancy).
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Get used to it

By ChocaMovieHolic
Alright. I have seen the movie and this is how I feel about the it. I am definitely glad I saw it! Honestly, I think people need to realise that there is a reason they just "base" things on...

and Chocolate

By ivalines
For a movie that was made by the people who did "Underworld:Evolution", I found this one not to be up to that caliber. The storyline was okay and some of the acting was good but I would really wait...


By bloodndarkness
They completely ruined the book! there's nothin at all from the book. if they are goin to make a movie out of a book atleast do it right!! it's me favorite book and they just killed it!...


By joelyanne23
AMAZINGa! not like the book at all but very vry very good!...


By GrenFaery
I read the book when it first came out and even though there are some different twists in the film they are both equally exciting and wonderful. I recomend it to anyone with taste for adventure and...

zee bestesteryesteriest movie ever

By lilskater9
haha best ever...

more to it

By shydragonfly
I thought it was good. Entertaining if a little predictable. Characters very relatable. I wouldnt really call it horror, more fantasy/drama it seemed to me. Its the story that is the focus. As if it...

You must not think of the book while watching the movie!

By dustyroadzz
If you don't think of the book, the movie is so-so. Much of the plot was the direct opposite of the book. I've been to a lot of moview where the plot differed a little bit, but this is ridiculous....

Blood and Chocolate

By lollypop-loves-movies
I thought it was really good. I was expecting something way different. So to anyone who is thinking about seeing 'Blood and Chocolate' it's worth spending 10 bucks....

not to bad

By 2117DK
the book was great and the moviw helped you get a vision of the book in your head it could have been better but that is deffenily hollywood good but not good enough....

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Rated PG-13 | For violence/terror, some sexuality and substance abuse
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Common Sense Media says Young, beautiful werewolves battle in Bucharest.
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