Great expectations

By Mad_Machine
Written July 10, 2009
For some you may have to wait until it comes out on DVD, but I saw it before it came out in the theater. Someone said that it was out yet..? Sorry, it has been out for several months overseas. I am a fan of anime and "Blood" is one of my favorites. The movie followed the original anime as well as the series. The action sequences were very tastefully done and not too over the top. I believe that all who sees this will be thoroughly satisfied. Can't go wrong it's worth it.
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The Dirdy Redzz Review

By diamonddistrictcity202
Written July 11, 2009
First off, Dave's Movie Reviews are "Toilet Food"...This guy gave X-Men Origins a C- (in my opinion D- because it needed a R-rating, the story line was mutated, and the action was less than imaginative) and Transformers:Revenge of the fallen a B- (D, because the action was good but not as cutting edge as the first, useless comedic dialog, being a fan of the animated series I couldn't identify some of the Bots, the story line seemed poorly puzzled together and rushed for the almighty dollar with goal achieved). Dave's review of blood is without proper research and clearly has no clue of the films motive. This adaptation has one of the best Anime to live action transitions by far but still gives you the feel and look of an Anime. Not giving to much away, it starts off like the animated movie and midway goes into the series with some addition's. My only gripe is the the films budget and special effects needed a boost. The combo of Japanese, American, and Brit actors gives balance.
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no worse than...

By jstevend
Written July 18, 2009
This movie is no worse than other action flicks currently out there--and better than most.
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Just Bad!

By SlantShady
Written July 17, 2009
This movie had the potential to be at least "eye candy", but the crew who put this together couldn't even manage that. Bad acting all around, weak story, a mess of a movie. The topper though would have to be the worst CG blood I've ever seen in a movie. I just don't understand what the deal was with red tapioca looking blood. It took away so much from any of the decent scenes that they could muster out of this trainwreck. Then the CG "vampire!?" was straight out of a 80's "straight to video" wanna be monster flick. Just terrible! I could go on and on about how bad this was. Hell, I could even mention the pretty sweet action scene filled with some great martial arts action but it's just not worth it. The bad CG blood just tanked that scene. This one is not worth a night out at full price. An afternoon of fun with the boys for a matinee. Hell, this might not even be worth a rental. If someone buys your ticket then maybe go, but only if you don't value your time. F-
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A very enjoyable B movie

By zod79
Written July 13, 2009
IIt had fun artistic fight scenes and blood CG, as well as a fun story. It had a somewhat cryptic ending, and the flying demons had kinda funky animation(no doubt due to lack of funds to do them properly by today's standards), but by no means was it a horrible movie. It's not going to win any "Oscar Worthy" awards, but it was certainly fun to watch.
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