Blood Diamond

By ironman15
Written January 06, 2009
this was a pretty good movie. the plot of the movie was ok, but the acting made up for it. i thought Leonardo DiCaprio played a really good part. he played a bad ***role. i think thats when hes the best. but the movie was sorta boring at parts. like in the beginning. the first 20 min of the movie was boring, but it picked up fast. the ending was really good. and touching. just s great movie. my grade FULL PRICE ratings better then sex full price matinee rental some ol bull****
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Makes you think

By LittleMissSunx3
Written July 10, 2007
After viewing this movie, I began asking if any jewelry I bought was conflict-free. You will too after you see this amazing, well-acted film.
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Diamonds are forever...

By kay2u
Written January 08, 2009
Amazing film and acting!
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violent boy

By ggbull
Written October 03, 2008
that was a violent violent movie but loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Blood Diamond - A Must See!

By DammitNanet
Written February 10, 2007
I thought it was very well done. Seeing this movie made me realize how ignorant I am, by choice, of issues that have happened around the world and that there is so much that needs to be fixed. It was tough to take at times considering the massive killings that took place, but that did not prevent me from seeing it through!
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