• Released
  • April 28, 1989
  • NR
  • Martial Arts
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While she is best known for such American features as China O'Brien, martial-arts expert Cynthia Rothrock also made a number of action films in Hong Kong, such as this Golden Harvest production directed and choreographed by veteran actor Mang Hoi. Rothrock stars as Cindy, an American FBI agent who travels to Hong Kong to arrest a criminal newspaper editor, Ronny Dak (filmmaker Ronny Yu) who prints counterfeit money using the newspaper's presses (a dubious notion, but storyline is not the film's strong point). While investigating Dak's crimes, Cindy hooks up with her old friend Judy Yu (Elizabeth Lee), an undercover cop (Chin Siu-ho), and an intrepid journalist (director Mang Hoi) to battle his kung-fu henchmen. The fight scenes -- many occurring high in the air -- are quite impressive, although a long break in the production schedule resulted in a number of continuity errors. Roy Chiao co-stars with Keith Kwan, Wu Ma, and Billy Chow. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

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