Written October 04, 2008
I just attended the advance press screening of TALENTED director Fernando Meirelles' (The Constant Gardener) VISCERAL brutally-stark movie-adaptation of the novel, BLINDNESS, by Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago. BLINDNESS evoked empathy - raised philosophical awareness of our human nature and conditions - should appeal to a sophisticated audience, intellectuals and those with contemplative natures due to the story's HEAVY MATURE themes - ambition/responsibility/pragmatism, compassion/kindness, aggression/terror, revenge, leadership, conflict, self-preservation/survival. SUPERB cast. Verdict: Skip this movie if you are troubled by overt displays/depictions of savage human brutality/desperation/depravity in the face of a horrifying event - like an adult version of The Lord of The Flies. The graphic sexual assault scenes blatant nudity/sexuality could be troubling and traumatic to some people with weak dispositions. Otherwise, steel your resolve - go SEE it.
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Read the book. Then watch the movie.

By jln04a
Written October 11, 2008
1) The trailer is's not sci-fi and it's not about the end of the world. 2) It's based on a noble prize winning novel, and oftentimes the book is better than the film. This is true here, too, but the film is an accurate adaptation of the novel--a feat for the director and screen writers. 3) It is not easy to watch; it is not intended to be easy to watch. It is about humanity, the baser qualities within us all. There is redemption in the end; don't give up on the movie so quickly. 4) It would be unfair to the novel to eliminate the sex scenes, as they are so important. Read the book--you'll understand. (And it's much more graphic there.) 5) If you have read the book, you'll understand the movie. If you haven't read the book and you've only seen the trailer, you'll probably be disappointed. So take some time and learn about the novel: the themes, goals, and symbols. It is not some disease by the government, blindness is a social disease within us all.
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Fantastic Movie!

By fernard35
Written October 06, 2008
I am the first to admit that this movie is brutal at times. However, the compassion that Moore's character shows should be a lesson to us all. The trailer is misleading - this is NOT a movie that belongs in the same category as "28 Days" or other end-of-the-world movies. As a woman, the rape scenes were very difficult but the strength of the main character outweighs any negatives. Everything in the movie is there for a purpose. Through the harshness, we are able to find out what true compassion means. The viewer has to be aware of the underlying emotions and conflicts. The book is outstanding and it shows what a messed up world we really live in. For those reviewers who thought it was a waste of time, they simply need to experience better films and expand their world. This is a powerful movie. Unfortunately, people don't want to think and this film makes you think about your world and your position in society. I implore everyone to step outside the norm and watch this!
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Horrible movie!!!! Had to walk out!!!

By whatever77
Written October 05, 2008
This was THE WORST movie I have ever wasted my money on!! I walked out when the raping scenes became so bad, I became sick to my stomach & wanted to vomit... Seriously, what sick f*** thought this crap up?!?!?!
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After seeing this wish you were blind and deaf

By werewolf1967
Written October 11, 2008
One of the worst films I've ever seen. I felt that not only was my intelligence insulted, it was assaulted. If this is the view that the writer and director has of the world then I hope he/she is on some serious anti-depressants.
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