Blindness Synopsis
A doctor's wife is one of the few people who can see following an epidemic of blindness.
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I just attended the advance press screening of TALENTED director Fernando Meirelles' (The Constant Gardener) VISCERAL brutally-stark movie-adaptation of the novel, BLINDNESS, by Nobel Prize winner...

Read the book. Then watch the movie.

By jln04a
1) The trailer is's not sci-fi and it's not about the end of the world. 2) It's based on a noble prize winning novel, and oftentimes the book is better than the film. This is true...

Fantastic Movie!

By fernard35
I am the first to admit that this movie is brutal at times. However, the compassion that Moore's character shows should be a lesson to us all. The trailer is misleading - this is NOT a movie that...

Horrible movie!!!! Had to walk out!!!

By whatever77
This was THE WORST movie I have ever wasted my money on!! I walked out when the raping scenes became so bad, I became sick to my stomach & wanted to vomit... Seriously, what sick f*** thought this...

After seeing this wish you were blind and deaf

By werewolf1967
One of the worst films I've ever seen. I felt that not only was my intelligence insulted, it was assaulted. If this is the view that the writer and director has of the world then I hope he/she is on...


By sarahclef
There were only six couples in this particulare theatre where we saw this movie. It was slow and boring during the first part of the movie, but things in this makeshift prison/hold place get worse in...

One of more creppy experience in a theater

By cachorro25
I can't understan why people gave bad reviews to this movie. This is a masterfully directed movie with good actors and VERY mature themes. It shows how violent, nasty, depraved humans really are...

What a bunch of illiterates!

By badamsth
This movie is based on the novel by José Saramago. They did a very good job translating the novel to celluloid! I think the fact that the majority of you went into the theatre thinking the film...

Good but Not Great

By Mr_movie_buff
I noticed that many people reviewed this movie, giving it a poor rating, which is understandable. I haven't read the book, so I cannot compare it, although I've seen many great books turned into...

Not for everyone...

By Jksz
Blindness is definitely not a movie most people will wan't to go see. It's raw grittyness will make many people uncomfortable especially women. But if you watch this movie with an open mind, you will...

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Rated R | For violence including sexual assaults, language and sexuality/nudity
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