Bless Me Ultima

By marybargas
Written October 29, 2012
My husband and I really enjoyed this Movie! We both grew up in Santa Rosa and in PDL. Bless me ultima is a part of us. Watching this movie really brought us home and back to our childhood! Absolutly loved it and would recommend it and watch it again!
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Important ,socially relevant,charming movie.

By Dfzinn
Written November 25, 2012
I like the act that they didnt try to translate all the little remarks and endearments into kept the presentation clean...Fantastic acting by Ms Colon as Ultma But is winter the theaters have to be below freezin.. Makes the experience just uncomfortable
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Bless Me, Ultima

By kathleengailbuckley
Written October 30, 2012
This is an amazing movie. It's faithful to Rudolfo Anaya's story of a boy growing up in a small town in northern New Mexico in the 1940's. The actors looked absolutely right for their parts (and they can act, too!). I don't know if I'd take a child under the age of 10 or 11: it's a thoughtful film, and it's got intelligent writing in place of special effects. It captures what it's like to be a seven or eight year old child, whatever your sex, race or background: the experiences of growing up, making friends, and facing the terrors that all children face are universal. And I, a college-educated, older adult felt a thrill of superstitious horror at the sight of . . . I can't describe the incidents or plot and do them justice. It's a beautiful film and a moving one. I live in New Mexico (moved here from Seattle), and for me, Bless Me, Ultima explains New Mexico. The state's nickname, "The Land of Enchantment" isn't just a silly advertising gimmick.
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luv it

By last1lafn
Written October 23, 2012
I really liked this movie...I would see this movie again...I can hardly wait to get it on dvd...
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Bless Mi Ultima

By tonysrvservice
Written October 20, 2012
Read The Book, and I Found THe Movie To Be Incredible Wonderful, This Is A Must See Movie!!!!
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