By rickliferaiders
Written November 07, 2015
One of Sandler's and Barrymore's best movies. This movie was touching with comedy at just the right places so I did not cry in the theater. I recommend this movie, however it is not for small children because of some of the adult themes. A must see
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Blended was GREAT!!!

By maryvanoni
Written January 22, 2015
Funny, light, great entertainment, wonderful story.
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funny stuff

By dkforthomas
Written August 11, 2016
I really loved the movie! I laughed and even cried a little, and left the theatre feeling happy. my neighbor and I took our girls that are 10 & 11 and there were a few things inappropriate for them(guess that's why its pg13) if they even knew what those few things were. But they enjoyed as much as us parents did. a must see
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Fun, Exciting, Adventurous!!!

By sherrera9
Written December 07, 2014
I love seeing Adam & Drew together in another exciting movie :) This is a must see. Funny & Adventurous!!!
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Blended is FANTASTIC!!!

By lisamiller4realestat
Written December 07, 2014
If you're a fan of Adam Sandler... you'll love this movie!!! We laughed almost all the way through it! My husband said that it isn't a romantic comedy... it's a comedy with a little romance. If you've seen 50 First Dates and Grown Ups, you have to see this one!!!
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