By swedsd
Written April 19, 2014
The worst movie Sandler has made(so far), Blended could not be further from funny. Sandler plays the same character that he did back in the 90's, but now he walks with a limp. Just give up already old man!
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Hilarious and Heartwarming! Sandler's comedic brains and Barrymore's beauty makes this film a blast.

By edtheman929
Written May 09, 2014
For the most part, i laughed a lot while watching it with my two friends.m(and they even laughed!) Sandler and Barrymore never disappoint. The acting, directing and other stuff were just great. If your bored on a Friday night, go to the theater and watch this movie. Trust me, you'll not going to regret this. ????
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Loved this heart warming movie!

By AmyOz320
Written May 18, 2014
I saw this movie as a military screening. I went in with low expectations, expecting the typical fart/barf/poop humor that is in a lot of Sandler films. Surprisingly there was none. This movie, while predictable, was very sweet. It had very many touching moments. I laughed, I cried, and I laughed until I cried. I love the chemistry that Drew and Adam share. The kids played well off of the adults, and the African resort looked like a dream land. I would say that over all I LOVED this movie. It was very family friendly, I would say appropriate for all ages. I don't recall any vulgar language. There was sexually suggestive language, but more than likely would go over a younger one's head.
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By angietandlvnit
Written May 23, 2014
Amazing! Full of laughs. loved it!
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love it

By fuewatt676
Written May 23, 2014
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