Bleed for This Synopsis
Miles Teller stars as Vinny Pazienza, a world champ boxer who tragically breaks his neck in a car crash. Against all odds, trainer Kevin Rooney (Aaron Eckhart) helps him return to the ring in one of the most unlikely comebacks in sports history.
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One of the Best Movies of 2016

By tylertdog
This movie really focuses on the comeback story and relationship aspect of Vinny Pazienza and his trainer. What sets this movie apart from other boxing films is that it doesn't focus on a love...

The boxing is incidental

By jcraig280
Great movie, engaging acting, and executed exceptionally well from an editing and directorial standpoint. The story, while being that of a boxer, could as easily have been about another person from...

Great Boxing Movie

By nicolemasellis
Im suprised I didnt know more about Vinny before this movie. What a great comeback story. Miles was amazing. He really took on the role as Vinny and was super believable as a boxer....


By jac383
Incredibly well made movie! Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart nailed their roles, making the connection to the audience flawless. Bravo to the entire cast and all those who took part in recreating the...

By jpollackmd
Mbcmhbh h biggest Kh...

Great Movie!

By jrm11182016950
We really enjoyed this movie. I knew the story going in, but the acting and story telling in the movie really brought it to life years after the fact. Nice touch with the real people next to the...


By medinamichael8292
Bleed for this, is an amazing biopic of the life and trials of Vinny Pazienza a professional boxer who beyond all odds became a champion after breaking his neck in a Greek car accident. The cast was...

Not Only a Boxing Movie

By Spammyho
If you are looking for just another boxing movie, you may be disappointed. This movie is much more than that. It's a movie about perseverance and fighting the odds. It teaches you that you should...

Excellent movie

By sue14580
Actors were all terrific, especially Miles Teller. Such heart, such grit Vinny had; truly a story to be told. A winner in three different weight classes is a story in itself but to come back from...


By Tcup
Ben Younger (writer/director) surprisingly showed up for Q&A and told us he actually had to play down some of the facts was that unbelievable! Vinny started training 5days after he had the...

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Rated R | For Sexuality/Nudity, Language and Some Accident Images
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Common Sense Media says Mature boxing drama is absorbing, if not original.
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