Blair Witch Synopsis
A group of college students venture into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to uncover the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of James’ sister who many believe is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch.
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What a waste of money.

By Kocham10pl
This movie was flat out awful. The story line did not flow, and made no sense. The opening idea of the movie was alright, kids going on a trip looking for the main characters sister who went missing...

BLAIR WITCH is an extremely tense, edge of your seat horror treat!!

By triplecrown2breeders

Sometimes movie magic should not be re-created.

By dcook1313
So, as a fan of the original movie, I was curious and yet skeptical of the 'sequel'. If you are curious to see this one, let me first warn you that it is totally made with the "camcorder" viewpoint....

Some interesting "possibilities" for the Blair Witch mythology.

By paigepopejoy
First and foremost if you enjoyed the 1999 Blair Witch project then you will likely enjoy this one as well. This film is a direct sequel to first film and in a Star Wars: The Force Awakens-like...

Blair Witch

By nudu4u2718
Camera still moves a lot, which still looks like low budget. Worst movie. Spend your money on something else!...

Blair Witch

By jakevmosca
Making a sequel to such a legendary horror film is a big leap of faith, and in this case it did not turn out in their favor. The film did not pay homage to the original despite occasional references....

By theonefire
Please I beg you all to not waste your money. 90% of the movie you cannot tell what is happening. It was basically loud noises and flashes of visuals in a attempt to create a what I call "Jump...

Could Have Been Better

By rstargazer89
I thought the whole story was interesting, both the first and this one. The problem was it could have been "better". I wanted to see less running around and more tangible scary stuff. The acting was...

Great Found Footage!!!

By houseoflabrys
First off, this was AMAZING in every way for me. Saw the first one when I was 12 and now seeing a true sequel made me so happy leaving the theater last night. I was jaw dropped and cringing mixed in...

Not impressed

By andresgarcia37
Can I get a refund is all I have to say...

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Rated R | For Some Disturbing Images, Language and Terror
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Common Sense Media says Intensely scary, but lame story, shallow characters.
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