I should have known better

By gearhead
Written April 20, 2007
This is a funny movies...lots of laughs...unless you are a parent like me who did not read the full rating and took two 13 year old girls...had I been paying attention I would have read the "crude and sexual humor" part.
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By glxy
Written September 03, 2007
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Better than expected

By sethrich
Written April 14, 2007
I expected Blades of Glory to be fairly stupid without much maturity, and that's precisely what I got. Except I was surprisingly entertained by witty, dirty, and sometimes both witty and dirty, one-liners. You're not going to get a cinematic masterpiece here, but you will get a side of figure skating you've never seen before. Will Ferrell is once again cocky, selfish, rude, and witty. Take Ron Burgundy's personality, Ricky Bobby's intelligence (or lack thereof), lace up some skates, and you have Chazz Michael Michaels. Jon Heder (Jimmy MacElroy) doesn't take away from Ferrell's presence, and even gives a presence of his own by standing his ground and going after a young lady. Jimmy has a bit of competition with Chazz on the ice, and even though Chazz "is figure skating," he keeps his pride. The two clashing skaters form a duet and show everyone what "twin dongs" can do.
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Non-stop Laughter

Written April 20, 2007
I almost peed my pants when I saw this movie! It was still just as funny the second and third time too! Will Ferrell is a comic genius...hilarious. And Jon Heder gives a great performance too. You should see it if you haven't already.
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all right

By condorman
Written December 02, 2007
the movie was typical will ferrell - not great, but some funny parts
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