Must go- theatre experience incredible

By gkuzkin
Written January 09, 2008
Seeing this movie again in a theatre was incredible. Universal Orlando is a fantastic theatre with an outstanding sound system,
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By watch_a_movie
Written November 12, 2007
The Final Cut was great, with some updates (touched up backgrounds, a stunt edit and a few other additions), but the movie stayed true to itself. Totally worth seeing on the big screen!
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Beautiful Restoration

By shinypenny
Written November 12, 2007
Beautifully restored, this movie could have been released yesterday, it's aged so well. I have to admit that I miss Harrison Ford's voice over from the original release (made the film much more noir-ish).
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Final Cut, but it didn't cut it...

By lmikedes
Written October 29, 2007
I have all the various versions, except the international release, and honestly, I must be in the minority, because I believe the original release, with the voice over was superior to all the other versions. Sure, the sound quality is better, but the voice over provided a unique insight in Harrison Ford's character, and the added significantly to the storyline. As far as the Final Cut, there was little evidence of scenes that had been added or deleted, and you would expect additonal footage to merit the hype. I agree seeing it again on the big screen and hi quality sound was invigorating, and I LOVE the movie. But on the whole, what's the big deal?? The previous release on DVD was almost identical. It seems as if the studio was trying to make an extra buck off of those younger viewers who had never seen it before and the stalwarts who would go see it again, even if nothing additional was done. Fans love their movies, & would see it even if it wasn't digitally remastered.
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Still not right...

By snibyx
Written December 13, 2007
I get the artistry of the final cut... but I have to say I still feel the original theatric ending was the best. Yes I know, leave it to the imagination, but something about the riding off into the sunset with the Harrison narration was like a cherry on top. I was hoping that this film mixed the parts, but really it was a rehash albeit smother release of the "directors cut". Over all it was cool to hear the better surround and digital picture. Made me realize we will likely never go back to the miniature model making days for films.
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