grey sci fi suburban depressive not story

By mrtrigo
Written May 03, 2015
one of the best movies ever
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By Phronc
Written August 01, 2007
Classic SciFi! You gotta love this movie. The social commentary is great too. Very dark movie, dark themes, but some good action sequences.
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Blade Runner

By paulalear76
Written January 14, 2016
Loved seeing this movie on the big screen. It adds a different feel to the whole thing.
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By Neuromancer007
Written January 10, 2016
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stands the test of time

By mrceezee604
Written January 14, 2016
this was a screening of Ridley Scott's cleaned up 2007 version of the film. Gone is Ford's narration(put in by the studio since moviegoers wouldn't understand what was going on??), and the "happy ending", again imposed by the studio. Even though the runtime is 5 minutes longer than the 1982 release, this version seems streamlined and moves along at a faster pace. Ford is more of an anti-hero in Blade Runner, something audiences in 1982 didn't seem to care for, they were enamored by Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Further cementing this film in motion picture history is the influence it had on a young generation of artists who would enhance Blade Runner's production in countless animes, graphic nove;s, TV shows and film.
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