Don't let Ricci's nudity fool you

By sethrich
Written March 06, 2007
Samuel Jackson is the star here. While Christina Ricci's nudity certainly does not go unnoticed, Jackson is the one who lit up the screen. I had no idea what this was about going into the theatre, besides the fact Ricci was chained up by Jackson, and I was mildly entertained. I like music (guitars, to be specific), and without that aspect (and maybe Ricci's nudity as well) I probably would not have cared much for this movie. Jackson's guitar talents are better than Justin Timberlake's acting talents, that's for sure.
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The Black Snakes Got Me

By Talula_Sunshine
Written April 25, 2007
I thought this was a wonderful movie. It was deep and full of mystery. It gave a strong sense of people healing people through their experiences and strong wills. Samuel L. Jackson stood his ground even when she went crazy, and never gave up on her, even though he knew nothing about who she was. I believe it was because he saw a bit of himself in her. I think this is a must see.
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Soft Porn for fans of Lil Cotton Panties...

By nbiyeas
Written March 12, 2007
Ok, good for me I did my civic duty by supporting John Singleton and Sam Jackson's new movie, but what the Hell Craig Brewer?? Christina Ricci's character picks up where Hustle &and Flow's leading Blonde left off...I applaud Christina for parading around in lil white cotton panties for 3 or more days while keeping them spotless. But she was such a Dirty Girl with a thing for the David Banner's Black Snake. Craig Brewer must have felt guilty making a soft porn, so he injects trite religous references and a pseudo moral ending to keep the rating R instead of N
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Black Snake Moan - Outstanding...

By movie_thought
Written March 05, 2007
Craig Brewer and is dynamic trio of actors, Ricci, Jackson & Timberlake have created a classic. Fortunately for the 2006 Oscar winners this movie was released in 2007, or Mr. Scorsese would have yet missed another opportunity to win his much deserved Oscar. This movie beautifully and unerringly depicts the forces that drive women and men whether we all conscious of them or not. Whether we act on them or not, they are there in all of us and thanks to this movie maybe more might come realize no one is separate from them.
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Black Snake Moan

By bjk1133
Written March 05, 2007
An utterly depressing movie
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