Black Snake Moan Synopsis
A troubled bluesman (Samuel L. Jackson) takes in a severely beaten woman (Christina Ricci).
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Don't let Ricci's nudity fool you

By sethrich
Samuel Jackson is the star here. While Christina Ricci's nudity certainly does not go unnoticed, Jackson is the one who lit up the screen. I had no idea what this was about going into the theatre,...

The Black Snakes Got Me

By Talula_Sunshine
I thought this was a wonderful movie. It was deep and full of mystery. It gave a strong sense of people healing people through their experiences and strong wills. Samuel L. Jackson stood his ground...

Soft Porn for fans of Lil Cotton Panties...

By nbiyeas
Ok, good for me I did my civic duty by supporting John Singleton and Sam Jackson's new movie, but what the Hell Craig Brewer?? Christina Ricci's character picks up where Hustle &and Flow's leading...

Another Win For Samuel L

By Ramblinjet
As always, Samuel L Jackson is outstanding in his portrayal of a recently separated man that is trying to come to peace with himself. It was even a strong performance for Justin Timberlake, and...

it was ok

By tr1p1nz
samuel l jackson was great in this movie... other than that it was ok... i expected it to be a lot more interesting than it was....

Black Snake Moan

By Da_kid
This movie was an unexpected pleasure. It make me think who was saving whom? Samuel L. jackson was absolutely brilliant. Christina Ricci put on an oscar-worthy performance....

Well crafted movie

By ny10019mike
Thought it was beautifully directed and acted. The story is a little absurd in parts, but I think it is well worth seeing....


By cdalsey
This movie was truly awesome. Justin Timberlake left something to be desired, but the soundtrack the writing and Christina Ricci and Samuel L's perfrmances were the greatest! This is one to see in...

good and crazy movie

By dustin22
this movie was a very crazy movie to go see...

Black Snake Moan

By cricker
The graphic sexuality at the beginning of the movie is off-putting, but the movie improves gradually, with fascinating characters and humorous, outrageous situations. Samuel L Jackson is his usual...

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Rated R | For strong sexual content, language, some violence and drug use
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Common Sense Media says Pulpy Southern immorality tale is for adults only.
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