What parents need to know

Parents need to know that Black Rock is a horrific thriller about men stalking and trying to kill three female campers -- and the women turning the tables. It's exceedingly violent, with attempted rape, brutal treatment of women, various attacks and murders, and tons of blood. Two of the women appear fully naked for a long scene (breasts and behinds are seen), and there's some flirting and sexual innuendo. Language is very strong, with "f--k" used in virtually every sentence spoken. "C--t," "p---y," and "a--hole," are also said. And there are scenes in which characters intentionally drink to get drunk. While there are interesting ideas about prey becoming predator and women empowering themselves, Black Rock is so brutal that these messages aren't likely to be the primary thing that viewers take away from the movie.
  • Families can talk about Black Rock's intense violence. Could the story have been told with less violence? How does its impact compare to what you might see in a big-budget action movie?
  • What role does drinking play in this movie? What might have happened if the characters had stayed sober?
  • Do you think this movie has -- or intends to have -- a feminist message? How does the extreme violence impact that message?
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