Black or White Synopsis
A bitter court battle ensues between a white lawyer (Kevin Costner) and a black woman (Octavia Spencer) over custody of their biracial granddaughter, forcing both parties to confront their feelings on race, understanding and forgiveness.
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Black or White

By sarahmwhitemd
Black or White is a thought provoking, humorous, and edgy film that explores racial issues and day to day family life in a way no other film has before. You will find yourself wondering whether a...

Black or White

By cjbmapes
"Black or White" is a wonderful movie exploring the many facets of racial dynamics within our society. This movie does a great job of showing us that people are people regardless of their color,...

Wonderful acting and story

By Esg65
Black or White is a wonderful nuanced story of dysfunction, terrible loss and familial love. I really enjoyed the story, which addresses the prejudice of both black and white people in America today....

sad but beautiful movie

By larrygoldberg77
a very entertaining movie that grabs you and pulls you in emotionally. some wonderful characters and several tearful moments. Another movie that you wonder why the supposed critics don't rave about...

Great Movie

By fast972000
Black or White is a great move. It made me laugh and cry. Most of all I like how race relations were handled in the movie....

Black or White

By loisd18
The story was great and the acting by Kevin Costner and the cast was simply excellent. Loved the movie highly recommend it....

an eye opener

By shayiarobins1
I absolutely loved this movie. It wasn't quite what I expected but it exceeded above and beyond my expectations. Because really it showed the other side of race relations. Honestly race shouldn't...

By Movielova68
Funny, heartbreaking, dealt with current situations between the two races but such raw reality and truth. Kevin Costner's best movie ever! Eloise was sweet but perfect for the role. The movie was...

Rehash of Losing Isaiah

By CaroleL
If you have seen Losing Isaiah you have basically seen this. This should be a made for TV movie not something you pay $12 to see....and are you having racial movie fatigue yet ? I am !...

Black or White

By vovomarilda
Beautiful movie,for all ages. Kevin Costner acting was incredible good!!! Actually every one in this movie as wonderful. I recommend for people go and see it!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Thematic Material, A Fight, Drug Use and Drinking and Brief Strong Language
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Common Sense Media says Flawed but thoughtful, touching look at race and family.
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