Black Nativity Awesome Concept

By enicoleh87
Written October 05, 2015
Storyline Concept......Relatable.....A Actors........Notable.........A Acting Skills.......Extremely Subpar, except for the veterans (Forest, Angela & Tyrese)...C- Singing/Rapping.....Loved Every bit of it.............A+ Overall go see the movie, once you get pass the forced acting from certain characters you actually can enjoy it. Tyrese, Jennifer and Luke James vocals can break your heart or take you to glory. Go see it!
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Definitely get the sound track!

By deidreyoung
Written August 25, 2016
I wasn't expecting much and really wanted hear the singing which was very much on point. Not sure enough of the play was brought into the production which would have allowed the development of the story line to be deeper and more developed. The wings on the angel (Mary J. Blige) were a bit much and I really didn't understand her purpose. The sound track is outstanding and I loved that Angela and Forest sang as well.
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Black Nativity

By bkea
Written November 30, 2013
A WONDERFUL movie about: "Loss, Redemption, Forgiveness, Hope, Healing, and Restoration." i enjoyed the movie even the musicality of it all. However, I left the movie with the desire to know more.
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Great Holiday film

By angimitch84
Written December 02, 2013
This is a great film for the whole family to see. It has a great message and it is very inspiring and uplifting. Great music as well
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Could have been a lot better but go

By Popchoc
Written November 29, 2013
Although it is predictable, and a little trite, it is about faith, family, and forgiveness so to me was worth seeing. Langston Hughes' poetry, is put to music and rapped which was profound and of course Jennifer Hudson's voice is powerful and beautiful. Otherwise, it could have, and should have, been a lot better.
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