A Holistic Holiday Movie

By ladymeryl49
Written September 05, 2015
It was refreshing to find a movie that you could enjoy with everyone in your family, from grandparents to grandchildren, without worrying about inappropriate themes, sex, violence or profanity. I enjoyed seeing seasoned actors included in more than token appearances, and hearing some really good singing from more than just the expected source, in this case the incredible Jennifer Hudson. It didn't hurt either that Langston Hughes happens to be one of my favorite poets. Great acting and directing.
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Black Nativity

By sen216
Written November 30, 2013
The actors and actresses are outstanding and they more then measure up to their roles. The message is great and the crafting of the scenes is also very nice. The singing is outstanding but this is a very specific form of a musical in terms of the music as one would expect, lots of very high frequency for very, very long. Even though I am very fond of this music, I thought the music was a bit over the top. I felt the kids around me in the hall lost their focus and were being somewhat impatient. Many adults were texting - so you can figure that no matter what you feel, it is definitely not for everyone. The music could have been done better, especially given the outstanding talent that was involved.
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Tell the Truth

By edgarnes15
Written November 27, 2015
My whole family and I enjoyed the movie. We see it as a GO. However, it was nice but I expected more than what I received. I didn't know I was entering a musical either, but I anticipated since Jennifer Hudson was one of the actresses that she would sing. I found the young boy good, but obvious that this was his debut and new on the screen. I am sure in time his skills will develop for greatness in the years to come, but I didn't feel much passion during times I expected to see it. During passionate scene I witnessed tears in the eyes of the characters and never witnessed it in Langston's. I wasn't happy with Angela Basset's to submissive and non-connected role to her husband that showed a black women with distant language to the relationship always calling him "Rev" and not "father" or "grand"
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Black Nativity

By cityboy1
Written April 27, 2015
This movie starts slow but builds to an excellent finale. As a story of forgiveness during this season of honoring the greatest forgiver of all it is right on point.
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Tear Jerker

By Rhonda12
Written December 04, 2013
A must see movie for the entire family. All the actors and actresses really did an excellent job with the roles they played. I loved the singing as well. Cudos to the writers, producers and director for a job well-done.
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