New Christmas Classic

By cnhjohnson
Written December 07, 2013
If you appreciate good music, and want an uplifting story of forgiveness and redemption, this is your movie. Well worth the 40 mile trip to see.
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By Adoorofhope29
Written December 05, 2013
A much like real life. You know we sometime fall asleep I church. The plot was excellent. I did a lot of crying and rejoicing. There's nothing like a good movie without swearing. Very relative to family ambitions for their children. trying to protect them. People were clapping, and rejoicing by the end of the show. The actors were very believable. The scene in the pond shop had me on edge and praying.
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Black Nativity

By boozgurl1
Written December 01, 2013
This was a waste of my money. It could have had more depth and singing from Tyrese & Mary J. It started of really slow and they played abt 20min of trailers before it started.
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Black Nativity

By sen216
Written November 30, 2013
The actors and actresses are outstanding and they more then measure up to their roles. The message is great and the crafting of the scenes is also very nice. The singing is outstanding but this is a very specific form of a musical in terms of the music as one would expect, lots of very high frequency for very, very long. Even though I am very fond of this music, I thought the music was a bit over the top. I felt the kids around me in the hall lost their focus and were being somewhat impatient. Many adults were texting - so you can figure that no matter what you feel, it is definitely not for everyone. The music could have been done better, especially given the outstanding talent that was involved.
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Black Nativity

By cityboy1
Written October 27, 2014
This movie starts slow but builds to an excellent finale. As a story of forgiveness during this season of honoring the greatest forgiver of all it is right on point.
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