Black Nativity

By Mooveecritiq
Written November 29, 2013
If you like musicals then this is your movie. It's not just any ordinary musical, it tells a story. Great gospel. Jennifer Hudson has an amazing voice.
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By brownjrct
Written November 30, 2013
this movie was ok. the story could have better but they sure sang there hearts out. Ok"Black Nativity the Musical" would have been a better title.
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Tell the Truth

By edgarnes15
Written March 02, 2015
My whole family and I enjoyed the movie. We see it as a GO. However, it was nice but I expected more than what I received. I didn't know I was entering a musical either, but I anticipated since Jennifer Hudson was one of the actresses that she would sing. I found the young boy good, but obvious that this was his debut and new on the screen. I am sure in time his skills will develop for greatness in the years to come, but I didn't feel much passion during times I expected to see it. During passionate scene I witnessed tears in the eyes of the characters and never witnessed it in Langston's. I wasn't happy with Angela Basset's to submissive and non-connected role to her husband that showed a black women with distant language to the relationship always calling him "Rev" and not "father" or "grand"
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Black Nativity Awesome Concept

By enicoleh87
Written December 02, 2013
Storyline Concept......Relatable.....A Actors........Notable.........A Acting Skills.......Extremely Subpar, except for the veterans (Forest, Angela & Tyrese)...C- Singing/Rapping.....Loved Every bit of it.............A+ Overall go see the movie, once you get pass the forced acting from certain characters you actually can enjoy it. Tyrese, Jennifer and Luke James vocals can break your heart or take you to glory. Go see it!
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Black Navtivity

By larrylcross
Written June 03, 2015
Took my family, wife and two children (5)(10) on Thanksgiving Day. We could not take our eyes off the screen; the children loved the movie. We discussed the movie all the way home.
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