San Francisco Chronicle

By Bob Graham
It is an exceptional accomplishment.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Roger Ebert
Films like this are more useful than gung-ho capers like "Behind Enemy Lines." They help audiences understand and sympathize with the actual experiences of combat troops, instead of trivializing them into entertainments.
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USA Today

By Mike Clark
Black Hawk turns nightmare into great cinema.
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
A personal best for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, a triumph for Scott and a war film of prodigious power. You will be shaken.
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Wilmington
It's one of the most ferociously convincing physical re-creations of warfare ever put on screen.
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New York Daily News

By Jack Mathews
What we need to remember, what Black Hawk Down reminds us, is that there are no safe missions when you're chasing bad guys. Especially when you have to chase them down a hole.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
Throw in the music -- a wall-to-wall whorl of Eastern modal dirges, thumping rock and Celtic-y skirl -- and you've got a veritable cinematic rhapsody of war.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Lisa Schwarzbaum
Even an audience moved to tender patriotism might wonder how Scott, a proven master of ''Gladiator''-size visual showmanship, could have bombed away the personality of every man fighting until he's left with nothing more than pure combat.
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Boston Globe

By Jay Carr
Character is almost wholly subordinated to a blast-furnace rendering of the hell into which they're dumped. Seldom will you see so many US military body parts strewn around a movie screen.
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Wall Street Journal

By Joe Morgenstern
Functions mainly as an action extravaganza, and a numbingly depersonalized one at that.
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